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This event is for you…

If you are tired of being stuck and are looking to create a clear path in your life.

If you’re done being frustrated and trying to balance family, work, and self only to collapse at the end of the day, wondering what life is about.

If you are ready to eliminate procrastination and overwhelm and go after your big dreams!

If you are ready to reduce the mind chatter that gets in the way of creating change in your life.

I brought together amazing people who are in this world to guide, coach, motivate and support you in the journey we call life.  

Every speaker is here to share information that can help you shift your life and business today! 

I fully believe that when we come together as a community,  we’re so much stronger than we are alone. 

Why this Summit can make all the difference in your life:

There’s no BS and no gimmicks. You’re busy, and you don’t have time for stuff that doesn’t work. The Summit is a highly-curated, action-oriented collection of powerful video conversations.

We know there are no quick fixes, pills, or trendy crap and that through action we create change in our life and business. 

You can make progress today. No endless sifting through websites, chasing dead ends that just don’t work. Each speaker is doing amazing work in the world, that I want you to meet! 

You get each speaker’s best strategies in one session so you can immediately go apply what you’ve learned. 

It’s a gathering of inspirational, knowledgeable speakers.  They’ve gone through the stuckness and have become experts in their fields, and they’ll be passing on their best practical advice to you. Every speaker is the real deal and leads their own amazing life and business.

There’s something for everyone. Even if you’re already actively engaged in the change of your life, there is always something new to learn. No matter where you are in life + business, you’ll walk away with something that you can put into action. 

What is the Love Your Life Summit?

It’s an online, video-based event with expert conversations covering a wide range of topics developed for creatives, multi-passionates, rebels, and anyone ready to fall in love with their life!

Our speakers are coaches, healers, strategists, and thought leaders who share their best strategies to help you find your path and footing in your life and business.

Do I have to travel to the Love your Life Summit?

Nope! Listen from the comfort of your own home because the entire event is online. You’ll stream videos from anywhere as long as you have a phone, tablet, or computer. Awesome, right?

What is the Summit Instant Pass?

This is your lifetime All-Access Pass for you to start watching today – no waiting!  When you claim your instant pass, I’ll send you the Summit Workbook to note down any insights,  a-ha moments, and actions you will take!

10 Modules

Sue Pats

Inspiring the audience, provide them hope, add value to their life.

Nahkila Isha'

Trade in fear for flow and how to ultimately increase their level of peace and abundance

Becky Beach

My story about how I built a 6 figure business while working a full-time job.

Nancy Boyd

How to become more resilient -- for yourself, your family, and your community -- during chaotic and stressful times.

Eva Goulette

Helping people understand the importance of managing their inner critic so they can feel more empowered and become more confident.

Jennifer Regular

This session shows you how to “Love your life”, and guides you in finding room to breathe, helps you re-align your core values, and direct your time and energy to create deeper life satisfaction.

Jite Lark

As a woman, you’ve gone through changes in life that have impacted your body – and if you’re not completely in love with the way you look, it’s time to embody the prosperous life in your physical being just as you have in your professional and financial accomplishments! It's important that as you kick off your fat loss transformation journey, you remain reconnected with your sexy self! The session will teach you how to optimize 5 daily habits while building resilience and repeatability so your long-term success is inevitable!

Holly Doherty

To truly love your life and your business, you've got to believe in yourself. Yet despite all your success, self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome STILL raise their heads. That’s because, contrary to popular opinion, they don’t magically disappear when you achieve success. The Magnetic Confidence Formula helps you develop rock-solid confidence that withstands the inevitable ups and downs of entrepreneurship.  

Petra Monaco

Fall in Love with your Life by forging your own path

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