Email Marketing Kit

If email marketing has you overwhelmed because you don't know what to say, then the Email Marketing Kit is for you!

As a business owner, you probably heard having an email list is one of THE biggest assets in your business and you may have also heard that email marketing is the single most profitable marketing strategy on the internet! 

Here's the thing, social media is a great way to get in contact with your people, you know the people you can help with your business, but social media platforms go through a lot of updates and changes that can impact your business in such a way that it's not easy to find and running an ad can cost quite a penny. And the newsfeeds also constantly change which means people will probably miss your post. 

And this is where email marketing plays a big role and I know that it can be daunting on knowing what to write and how to write that next email, and this is where the email marketing kit will help you! 

Inside you will find template emails such as welcome sequences, nurture your subscribers, write out your product launch emails, and have those challenging conversations with your clients. 

There are over 90 emails that will help you make email marketing easy so that you can add more value and build trust with people that signed up to hear from you and sell more - because you didn't start a business to not make money! 

14 Modules

Nurture Emails

Once people are on your email list, you will want to nurture them as they don't usually buy on the first contact! 

Webinar Promo + Follow Up Emails

Love doing webinars to build the know, like, and trust factor? These emails will help you promote it and follow up with your participants. 

‘Lead Magnet To Webinar’ Emails

Have a lead magnet that leads to a webinar? Use these emails to write out your sequences! 

Downloadable E-Mail Marketing Templates

Write emails to engage your people on your list with ease through these get done for your emails.  

Modules for this product 14
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