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Hi, I’m Petra. Introverted Rebel, author, artist, teacher + coach, doer of things, and a mom to 3 boys – one with some extra needs that have forever changed my life.

I help freedom-seeking Rebels + Creatives + Multi-Passionates to stay on track and follow dreams through

  • problem-solving
  • focusing on goals
  • developing an action plan
  • providing accountability

So that frustration is a thing of the past and a regular abundance part of life. Get the support you want to really show up for yourself, eliminate excuses, and watch yourself get closer to your dreams + goals.

Available Products

[Free] Goal Setting Tool Kit

I want to help you have a life that feels good and a business that sparks joy. And the best way to do this is to get the Rebels Tool Kit! Learn to set goals, reduce overwhelm, and stop procrastinating.


[Free] Entrepreneur Tool Kit

Create the Life you want + change the world while you’re at it! with a business that sparks joy. Get started with the Entrepreneur Tool Kit! Hash out your business idea and start developing content to share our message.

Business Marketing Bundle

Take the 30-Day Business challenge and get blog post + newsletter ideas so you can start marketing your business one day, one small step at a time. 

Rebel Kickstart

Ready to kick ass and make things happen? Rebel Kickstart is the Mastermind + Accountability space for people who are ready to do the damn work and show up for their dreams + goals. 

My Rebel Year

We all need a little encouragement, inspiration, and a little motivation every day. Are you ready to grow into your best self and change worlds – starting with yours?

One-on-One Support

Dream Big – Change the World – Starting with yours!!!

And sometimes you need a secret weapon

Journal For Growth

By journaling your thoughts and feelings you can change your life. This journaling course will help those who want to kick start their own inner healing by helping you to get your stories out and showing you how to reflect positively on them.

Rebel State of Mind

Does Stress, Anxiety, and Uncertainty Keep You from Reaching Your Goals?

Then it is time to create mindset shifts to help you reduce your stress!

The Rebels Academy

This is for freedom-seekers who are ready to trust their intuition to create their own life + business on their terms.

In this 12 week course to kick off your service or product-based business!

    Rebel Incubator

    Are you looking for more effective ways to market your business in less time so you can consistently grow your business?

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