Welcome Creative, Multi-passionate Rebel! 

Everything I've ever done, writing books, creating coloring books, starting blogging, making art, coaching and consulting people is because I wanted to. 

Every day I get up doing what I want to do, however, I want to do it even if other people think I've lost my mind a bit and murmur "how does she do it all?". I love self-discipline but I don't like routine, switching things up helps me fuel my joymeter and live life however I want.

Step on your path with curiosity and see what adventures you can have with the resources and programs below so you can clarify your direction, and set goals on the path you forge by your own design. 

Explore below the free resources, and check out the offers to get you unstuck right now.

Available Products

Free Resources to help you get started

Resources to help you start forging your own path. Your dreams are worth exploring and turn make them into goals that you can start making things happen. 

2 Minute to Clarity

You need some support but you don't have a lot of time. 2 Minutes a day for 10 days of coaching, consulting, and strategizing is at your fingertips! 

The Rebel Space

There's nothing more thrilling than doing your thing your way. You feel the excitement running through every fiber of your being. 

Rebel Incubator

The Rebel Incubator is where we get together to get things done and make some moves towards our dreams and goals. It’s time to make some moves in your life and business.

Joint Ventures

By collaborating with other small business owners, the people that sign up are winning because you recognize collaboration over competition and give them access to amazing resources to help them go to the next level.

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