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Get Clear + Make a Plan + Take Action = Create the Life you want & Make an Impact!

Are You Ready To stop just dreaming about your goals and get more out of this life? 

Let’s start at the very beginning - a very good place to start! 

I teach Creatives, Multi-Passionate Rebels how to go after their dreams + goals, get clear on what’s holding them back and eliminate the excuses so that they can create the life they want and make an impact while they’re at it.

YES! You go and unleash your dreams. I'll be part of your pack!

Are you ready to learn how?

Get the Goal Tool Kit so you can declare your goals, know why you want to achieve them, and reduce overwhelm so that procrastination can be a thing of the past!

Available Products

[Free] Goal Setting Tool Kit

Ready to experience a transformation and make some changes in your life or business but you have no idea where to start? Do you have your goals for the next 90 days mapped out?  

My Rebel Goals

Stop wondering who you will be, what you will do, and what you are going to have in the next year and instead dream it, set your intentions, and take action to make your dreams + goals come true.

Coaching with Petra

Get the one-on-one support and laser-focused session with me on the topic you need support with most! Let's work together and resolve a specific challenge or get clear on your next step in your life or business.

[Free] Rise Above Your Stories

You're not going to be able to change your past but you can take control of the stories you tell yourself and rise above from all that's been holding you back. Sign up for the 3-part video series.

My Rebel Year

Sometimes the most rebellious thing you can do is to step fully into yourself and grow into the best self and change the world. Every year can be your best year if you make it a Rebel Year.

Rebel Kickstart Coaching

Move you from goal-setter to goal-getter with coaching in a private space when you are on a budget, have a busy schedule, and need the freedom to communicate in a flexible environment. 

[Free] Entrepreneur Tool Kit

Create the Life you want + change the world while you’re at it with a business that sparks joy by getting clear on what your business is all about and start developing content to share our message.

Monthly Marketing Tools

Are you looking for more effective ways to market your business in less time so you can consistently grow your business? Get checklists, planners and templates for your business! 

Rebel's Academy

Ever had the thought of starting your own business – doing the work you are so passionate about, so you can create the life you want? Then join me for the 16 Week Business Mentoring Program!  

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