Coffee with a Rebel Podcast Episode 2: How I set Goals

Episode 2: How I set Goals


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Show Notes 

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How I was able to receive coffee in bed every morning  
  • Create my be, do and have goals 
  • Set deadlines for goals 


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Full Episode Transcript

Today I want to talk about how I set goals. Because I feel like that might be helpful to some of you and I know we all have heard of the smart goal method, right where you do all the measurements and tracking. But over the years I realized that that may not work for the creatives, because we don't necessarily care about the metrics of things. We just want to know that we have a goal, we know how to make it happen, and we kind of know how to get there oftentimes we don't, but you know! 

So one of the things that I did when I first started getting really serious about my goals and figuring out how I can really call in what I wanted to be, do and have in this life. And so I spent the day journaling and just writing down everything that I want to achieve. It's sort of like like looking back, so if you imagine yourself in a rocking chair and reflect back on your life and acknowledge all of your achievements, except I did it sort of like in a year span. So you sit down and make the date a year from today and then "since this day I have achieved", and you just start freewriting uncensored, unapologetically about the things that you want to be, do and have, you know, and this includes who you're with, what you're having for breakfast. What are you doing every day? What are your daily activities? Where do you go on vacation? What kind of business things do you do? What can a life things do you do to just kinda get yourself out of that stuck zone.

You know, Do you want to write books, do you want to make art or do you want to make coloring books like anything like that. Or do you want to start a garden and be more self-sufficient and stop buying all the things from the grocery store?  Like there's all these different things that I ended up writing about you know.  Back then the Huffington Post was still around and I was like, I wanted to write for the Huffington Post and I wanted to ride my third book and create a coloring book, and I want to meet a certain income goal, and so all of these different things. And I wanted to have coffee and bed and this is one of those things that end up standing out to me, because a wrote this whole journal pages, probably like three pages worth, and looked through it. 

I ended ending up circling the things that I could call in to be, do and have goals and that, and having coffee in bed was kind of like huh, I was single at the time, my partner, and I weren't together. We were living separately and I was you know parenting my two children who were still minors and in school, and I had no idea who and how that was going to unfold. Anyway I knew how to write a book, and kind of figured out hand how to make this coloring book, I had a mind and I knew how to write an article and ended up submitting that to the Huffington Post which got published.

And at about six months later my partner and we were in the process of getting back together and moving back in together. I had never ever shared that with him or I've never told him about any of my goals, I used to be really really private about that and he brought me coffee in bed and he did it the next day and the next day, and the next day.  And hit me, I'm like whoa, this writing down of what you want to be, do and have in life can be really really powerful if you give it the space. If you take the time to really sit down and write it all out, even if it seems chest so crazy, it will never happen. Write it out and just follow the process.

Sit down with your cup of coffee or whatever you like to drink, pen and paper. And put the date year from now and just ride out all of your desires. Don't hold back. Don't censor yourself. Don't stay superficial. Really dive deep and acknowledge those things that you may have not shared with anybody else, let alone acknowledged for yourself, and just write it out. You don't have to share this with anybody like I didn't share any of that was my partner back then and it just unfolded, to where he brings me coffee every morning. And that's again, the power of writing things down can just be really really powerful right.

And once you have those be, do and have half goals. I've mentioned you go through and read it, and then circle: Who do you want to be, what you want to do, what you and a have. Circle those things, and make a list of them. Write them down on a piece of paper, separately and in a column, if you will, and then just acknowledge all of those be, do, and have goals. And then look at them and see which one is most important to you at this particular time, which one you want to do first, and give them deadlines.

You know, maybe writing the book is more of a priority and so that should be your first activity, that you're going to focus on. Something that's really really helpful is to do things and ninety-day increments. So you have three months to write a book, to edit it., get it edited if you're hiring somebody, and get the cover down and start your marketing process. And ninety days absolutely doable.

I don't necessarily follow the mainstream of marketing in many many ways. One of my books I wrote in two weeks and I will talk about that in another podcast and how you could do that as well and wrote the book, did the cover published it done, said here there's another book and that's how I like to do things. I feel like marketing can be so challenging. Gut anyway so just go look through your goals, decide which ones you would like to do when, when they feel good from more of an intuitive space instead of the gotta do all the things right now space.

You have time-ish right like there's time to do things, but don't put them out too far. Figure out ninety days increments. Choose one to three goals. You know you could have one from each column be doing have, per quarter to help you take action so you can stay focused, you know what you're doing for the next ninety days, and start making progress on your goals that way. This way has been really really helpful for me as a creative to follow that.

Write it out. Circle the be, do and have goals and then figure out which ones I want to do first, what I'm going to focus on, and when I'm going to focus on it, and I still do that with a lot of my business activity, said my list building specifically that I do, so I hope you I thought this was helpful and I will talk to you next time.

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