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[Free] Goal Setting Tool Kit

[Free] Goal Setting Tool Kit

Hi there! 

I am so excited for you to begin your 90 Day Journey! I love that you’re ready to take some time to really think about your goals before you hit the ground running. It's easy to say "one day I will" or "someday I am going to..." but the reality is that by using those words you aren't really going to do anything. 

When I started my journey, I struggled using the SMART Goal system because

  • I wasn't clear on what I wanted
  • I didn't know how to get there
  • I didn't prioritize my goals

The 90-Day goal journey is my process of how I get to the core of what I want in my life and create my Be, Do and Have Goals and in this, an action plan is created. 

But just because you have declared your goals and mapped out a plan doesn't really mean a thing if you keep procrastinating. There can be some big and even small things that are holding you back. 

Inside the Rebel Goal Setting tool kit, you will get access to

  • 24 questions to ask yourself before you set goals
  • Free Mini-Course on Goal Setting
  • Stop Procrastinating And Get it Done

It can be challenging to get started, maintaining motivation, and staying committed all the way to the end - which I why I have included worksheets to help you uncover the reasons you procrastinate and my process on how to reduce overwhelm.

Let mini-course give you a roadmap to set, plan and achieve your goals.

Planning goals times time and a willingness to sit down and do the work. Use this challenge to get clear and decide on the steps to take so you can create the life you want.

You will receive the tools to help you break your goals down and to make it easy. 

4 Modules

24 Questions to Ask Yourself

Stop Procrastinating And Get it Done!

Your life is filled with ideas, dreams, and goals and it's one thing to have all of that in your head and another to take consistent action and overcome any challenge that is sure to come up along the way. 

Download the printable to help you get it the flow of getting things done!

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