Grow your Email List with Events

When it comes to your business, your email list is one of the most highly valued assets you can have.

But just throwing out a freebie in the social media universe isn’t going to have people flock to your email list.

Yes, there’ll be some bites but it’s going to be slow.

Collaborating through summits, bundles and giveaways can help you grow your email list much faster and help you become the authority in your niche.

Have you been thinking about hosting an online giveaway or a  virtual summit but don't know where to start?

Are you ready to build your list and authority in your niche?

In this training, you will learn

  • what summits, bundles, and giveaways are and how they are different

  • how your audience benefits from the valuable information and education, specific to life or business.

  • what will make you a great contributor to be invited again and sought out by other summits, bundles and giveaways hots

  • why you will want to host your own summits, bundles, and giveaways

  • the tech tools and resources I use to host my summits, bundles, and giveaways

Since 2018 I have hosted my own summit, been a contributor to bundles and giveaways, and helped clients with hosting online events.

I went from a small list of just a few hundred people to a list of a few thousand people which also helped me leverage my skills and expertise to grow my following and income.

And this is for you if you are ready to grow your email list through joint ventures and collaboration with other business owners.

The training is designed to give you tips, tricks, and strategies to grow your email list so you can cultivate and nurture your ideal people so you can grow a community who want to work with you.


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