Coffee with a Rebel Podcast Episode 9: Exploring the ways to make money

Episode 9: Exploring the ways to make money


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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • I go over a few ways you can make money! 


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Full Episode Transcript

Today I want to give you a ton of ideas on how you could start making money, and this is quite a bit of a list, but if you've following the last couple of episodes, I have been talking about taking your business idea and narrowing down of what wanted. And maybe some of us will be really really helpful to you as you're working out your business idea and maybe getting started on it.

So one of the big things is like ebooks, guides, audiobooks, or just an actual books, workbooks, planners, and calendars, and worksheets. Those things could be a really really great business idea to have one or all or a combination thereof.

You can create lesson plans, and marketing strategy templates. You can have done for you content and maybe some processes and systems suppliers lists and affiliates going on, so there are again so many things you can do.

Maybe you'll love to cook and create your own recipes, and then turn when to book an easy peasy, and it could be an amazing blog and business for you, where you share your recipes. How to make them and then sell the book so people can buy it.

Maybe you have a great course idea, and you can create an email course or have a course platform where you teach the course and even then add email campaigns and teach about email marketing.

You can create a magazine and the way to create magazines isn't as complicated as it used to be alright. It's a basic Pdf if you will. There are online tools available. You just gotta decide what kind of magazine you may want and what kind of subscription, or maybe you just want to do. Ads, maybe that's how you make your money to the ads, and it's a free magazine, or you make it a magazine to subscription.

The choices are yours.

You can build a business around coloring books, sewing patterns, knitting patterns, crochet, quilting, and some crafts. ,Arts and crafts could be like a really cool thing to have a business around.

Maybe board games are your jam said could be really cool. You could do artwork like I sell my art in-person and online, so that's how to make money.

Music and music lessons.

You could use guided meditations and audio course podcasts.

You can make money through podcasts using sponsorships and stuff like that or teach people how to podcast. If you have already been doing podcast workshops, You know if you can, if you wanted to them live or prerecorded.

You can create workshops for people same with webinars and summits. I love doing some summits and I'll be doing a couple of those a year where one I will interview people, and in the other there will submit something that they teach about.

Masterclasses, how-to videos, and social media-related content templates. Things like that.

If you're into health and fitness nutrition plans, meal prep workouts, and any of that could be created into membership and subscription services, so you have a reoccurring income every single month.

If you're great at designing, you can do landing and sales pages, course templates, and web design.

You can also like again to the Arts and Crafts base, maybe greeting cards are your thing or affirmation cards.

Like there are so many ways you can start a business and build a business. You just have to decide what you wanna do and how you want to do it. They are resources available to you to get started today. You don't have to wait until you know all the things you can start today.

Not everybody knows everything when they get started, but you can start date with what you do now. And then just spoke from that.


I’m a multi-passionate creative, master of adversity, music-loving, coffee-addicted, deep-thinking introvert, Creativity CoachArtist + Author

I turned my passion into my profession! Not only do I get to create art every day, but I also get to help other creatives pursue their own dreams of bringing their ideas into reality, so they too can have the cake and eat it too!

I know firsthand how easy it is to make excuses and how to make those excuses disappear like magic.

I have a BS in Accounting and a Ms in Mental Health Counseling, and a dual “PhD” in overcoming adversity from the School of Life.

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