Coffee with a Rebel Podcast Episode 8: Developing Your Business Idea Further

Episode 8: Developing Your Business Idea Further


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Show Notes 

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Questions to ponder about your skills 
  • Turning a hobby into a business


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Full Episode Transcript

So in the last podcast, I talked about what you need to think about if you're interested in starting your own business. Today we're going to brainstorm the steps in your business, and idea development process, brainstorm as many ideas as possible, and the key here is that there are no right or wrong answers. But just a bit of a brain dump can generate a ton of ideas in a short period of time and about ten-ish minutes or so right, so some of the things that you want to consider when starting a business is what is your critical knowledge?

What do you know?

What can you work with your knowledge, like what can you do with that?

Can I sell something related to my knowledge?

Like for me, I know how to wood-burn. I am self-taught, I've been doing it for a really long time and I know that I can teach other people how to wood burn, so I create patterns and tutorials to teach people how to wood burn. I have that knowledge and know the how-to, I can record it and then turn around and sell it because I know how to do it.

How does your knowledge improve the world?

Whether this is an arts-related product, a book, or a service?

How can that relate to and improved the world for people?

Wood-burning might be a little challenging there.

Why do people buy it?

I have a lot of practical items for people to use like cutting boards and candle holders. So that's practical use. Some of it is more decorative and I may not apply to everybody, but it might make their home feel rustic if that's to feel they want to go for and my coaching, I have knowledge that can help you get started on your goal. I know about goal setting. I've studied it. I have been practicing it for a really long time and I can teach you how to do it and show you how to do it. I have also started a business or three and can share with you how I got there, so all of those things I can sell.

So think about how that knowledge at you hold can improve the world and the life of people.

What is your previous experience?

So a mindset as a thing and the stories that we tell ourselves can hold us back in a lot of ways and we may not know that. In my life experience, I've overcome a lot of challenges, including foster care abuse, immigration, and teenage pregnancy,  cause I was already out of high school, learning a new language, and dealing with my own monster that kept me playing the victim for a really long time. Like I have all these different experiences that a probably relatable to a lot of people that I can share with people so that they can realize they're not alone because we all wanna know that we're not alone.

There is a way for them to improve their life in some kind way, whether it's personal or by starting a business.

So tap into those experiences that you have, and how that applies to the knowledge at your hold in the service or product you can create from that?

What can I work from my previous experience, I think I just covered it. You know a lot of that, and yeah can you sell something based on that experience?

I can do life coaching and help you remove the excuses you keep making about why you're not doing the work that you doing. Why you're not going after the goals that you want, and I can also help you strategize on how to get started. How to remove those excuses and get over your fear and doubt in the process and I can also consult on how you have to start your business and the marketing that you might need to do or wanted you, and you know none of this is cookie-cutter.

We all do what feels good. I'm a big fan of doing marketing activities that feel good. Maybe a little resistance, but not too much. I know there are people out there talking about you need to work, so the resistance and you just gotta figure out what works for you.

How does your previous experience improve the world?

What are the crucial skills I have and what can I work on with my skills, like coaching, consulting, and strategizing, if you're into that kind of thing?

How can people be more productive? You know, help them with their mindset.
Help them with their business.

Maybe you're a social media manager and you want to take off a load of social media marketing for somebody. It's not a forte of a lot of business owners, they don't really want to do it but do it because they have to, because they know it's gonna work for them, but maybe that's where you excel, and you can help somebody.

What problem exists on the market that is related to your knowledge, so I use my wood-burning pen, a lot of people use lasers and I'm not a super fan. I'll be honest with you. I'm not a superfan of lasers. I know a could create a lot of products, but it just doesn't feel handmade to me in some kind of a sense, because with the woodburning pen and I spent hours upon hours creating my artwork,

I feel that way too many people use machines made us an industrial thing, and robotic thing, and I want to get back to the old school of doing things as fires were burning is concerned, and so to me, that's a problem and am teaching people how to burn because. That's the solution.

Do you have a hobby that you can utilize as a new business idea? I love journaling and I love creating journals and personalizing them, and a couple of years ago I set up a blog for journaling. I usually don't niche myself down like that, but that was a really great idea. I set up this blog where it's nothing but journaling, and I set this up in a week like a website was designed within a day. The blog posts for the year were written within a week, and the shop for it was set up within the same timeframe. Because that's what happens when I hyper-focus on a project that gets me excited, I do all the work and then kind of forget about it. Because of burnout and it's my passive income project. It just kind of happens great, that I can teach. It's a hobby but I love journaling, and I love having these pages and it's just a hobby that I've turned into more of a passive income. 

So think about a hobby that you have, it could be gardening, it could be working out. It could be hiking there. There are hiking courses out there. I know there's a course about living on a boat. If you know living on a boat is a hobby for you, or maybe it's your life.

You can teach people how to do that gardening. I think I've mentioned that already coloring may be coloring as a hobby and you can you turn it into a business, create a coloring page membership.  There are so many ways you can actually start a business by just having a hobby.

Now I will tell you not every hobby needs to be a business. You want to have something that is just for you because that will help you from burning out completely, just My two cents on that.

What can you do to improve on that hobby that will transfer it into being a successful business, or what are some current market practices related to your knowledge that you can improve, and what is the current market practice on the market related to my experienced that I can improve them?

Just brainstorm some of these and figure out your business idea. It is valuable to you and if you can make that work and I really think about it, that is what you want to do for life. Now I know I've said in my other episode that businesses will evolve and change and you probably change direction at some point. I feel like that's a given in the world that which we live in.

So you know, start where you are exploring these brainstorming questions and chess can move from there. I hope you thought this episode was helpful.


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