Coffee with a Rebel Podcast Episode 23: Are you in a Creative Rut?

Episode 23: Are you in a Creative Rut?


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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • What being in a creative rut looks like 

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    Full Episode Transcript

    Let's talk about the signs to see if you are in a creative rut. A creative rod is when you feel there's a lack of inspiration for being creative. Like you can't even imagine sitting down doing the art thing or the writing thing. Your imagination is a little bit tapped out and thinking outside of the box can just be stifled, right? Like thinking artist box can be stifled because you kind of hit that slump and it really affects your confidence, your joy, and how you feel overall. And there are some signs that you like you may have already, like just by listening, you're like, Oh yeah, I feel that. But I want you to think about a few things I'm getting ready to share with you. You can't stop dreaming about getting away. You want nothing more than just going to another place. Then do whatever it is you need to be doing and we all do it occasionally.

    It feels good to fantasize about being in different places and enjoying different sides and such, and spending quality time with your favorite people. But people who are in a creative rut tend to think about it more than others and it's just not like a vacation. It's getting away from the current environment for good. Like done outta here. If you think about getting in your car and driving and never coming back, you might be desperate for some change. And listen, that may not be a bad thing. It could be really a sign that it's time to work on why you feel stuck right now. Face it head on and be like, What is going on? And maybe you haven't much, you look forward to when my day is literally the same day in and day out. It gets boring. And so I don't look forward to anything when I hit that point and I have to shake things up a little bit.

    One way I'm doing that this year is by adding one or two events every month to be in person because they're also very different and they shake things up a little bit. But maybe you don't have anything to look forward to. You can't see your goals and you have no passion for any of the hobbies that you may still have left and not turned into money-making things as I've done in some instances. And yeah, this happens when you are stuck and uninspired and you're not finding much joy in any of that you're doing and there's literally nothing that you look forward to doing. Again, this is a great time to really sit down and maybe journal about it, get really deep about why life just feels kind of me to you at the moment. Why nothing excites you? I find that journaling can really bring out the things that you need to know and then face them and maybe things feel like they're completely forced.

    I don't love doing anything that feels like I should because anything that feels like I should feel heavy and comes from a place of somebody else's expectation. I should be cooking dinner when there are two other adults in this house. I can cook dinner, You know what I mean? Like it's just I, I'm forced to do it because nobody else is willing to get up and do it. And that's not really true. My partner definitely steps in, It's just an example. Don't hate. So from getting up in the morning to going to work or participating in social events, if it doesn't feel like anything fulfilling, then it could be a sign that you're being a creative slump and just kind of feeling stuck in your life. And I wanna point out that participating in social events necessarily isn't the key here, because as introverts, Yeah.

    Now if we force ourselves, even if we don't want to, we're not necessarily feeling it doing, our events once or twice a month. There's definitely, I'm like, Oh, I don't really wanna do this today. But then at the end of the day when I go home, it's like, oh, was like the coolest thing ever. I've met so many cool new people, I got to share some stories and exchange stories with people, and connected with new people. Like there, there's goodness in that. And so sometimes yes, because commitment, I've committed to these things, I've paid for the spot to be there, so of course, I'm gonna show up. But it can be still very challenging, right? So I just wanted to interject that because maybe you're an introvert and social event just kind of ugh. But they can also be assigned that you're feeling stuck and it's another good reason to maybe, Maybe you need to reinvent yourself.

    Maybe you just need to learn something new and shake things up a little bit. Do something different. Maybe have a backward day, I don't know. And lastly, I wanna talk about you might not be completely fulfilled and when you're getting something done, you've just crossed another thing off on your to-do list, but you're not really feeling any different than you did before. Again, this could be my a sign that you are in a creator front right now and I'm a huge fan like us mentioned of shaking things up, and doing things differently. Maybe get a journal and right about where you are. Just, just let it all out. Uncensored free, right? Let it go. Let it out. And just let it go. Reread that. And you might discover someone's like, Oh aha moments, right? Change your schedule. If your day looks the same every day, then maybe you need to shake things up and do things differently.

    This is why I don't do workouts at the same time every day. I do them in the morning, noon and evening, depending on what day and time going on in my life. I prefer running in the mornings but not kettlebell I might do it in the afternoon. And there's depends on the season. I like running in the evenings too. Shaking things up like that can be really, really helpful. Maybe you need to explore different art things or writing things. Maybe something new needs to happen. Choose something that brings you joy instead of doing something that is or should, right? When we do things from joy, that can really help us. And also if, if you know things need to get done, but you're just not feeling it and you have or should attach to it, you could reframe it if I get to. And then whatever is the thing you need to do.

    For example, when I don't feel like doing my events because oh my god, people in all day for eight hours listening to some weird music that I don't even enjoy, I should do it because I connect with customers and make money. But when I reframe this as I get to connect with people, I get to share my art with them. I get to make money with my art. I get to beautify somebody else's home with my art. I get to share my art so that they can buy this unique gift for their loved ones. I get to, whatever it is, can really reframe and shift your thinking away from should, cuz should really feel savvy. It's somebody else's expectation that we're trying to meet or accommodate. And I say this to you like when I should be cooking dinner, I get to cook dinner for the people that I love. That instant reframes just helps me not be stuck in any of it. And you can do that for any, like anytime you feel like in a creative ride and you're not inspired and motivated to do the writing, to do the art, to do whatever it is, reframe it, journal it out, do something different, shake things up, whatever they need shaking up to. Thanks 


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