Coffee with a Rebel Podcast Episode 16: You can't supplement yourself through life

Episode 16: You can't supplement yourself through life


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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • You have take action
  • Supplements alone aren't doing it  
  • The Rebel Incubator 


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Full Episode Transcript

So I have been taking some supplements to help me with some hormone balances and getting some extra protein and collagen into my body because I am heading to the stage of menopause. And you know, sometimes supplements are necessary and it started to occur to me, that you can't supplement yourself through life. You can't just take a pill and magically think you're gonna have results within the next day or so. Like, there is work that needs to be done. You can take the supplements, but you're still gonna have to take action. You can't just take a supplement that helps you burn more fat. If you will, ado nd not change your diet, you going to have to change the way you eat. You can't take a supplement to, you know, feel better, cuz there are so many supplements out there to help you get extra protein and burn this extra fat like and all these things, but you're still gonna have to move your body.

You can't take all of these supplements and sit at your desk for eight hours a day and expect some results. If you don't change your eating habit, if you don't change how active you are, like you have to do things in order to achieve results that you want. And it's always fascinating to me that people think, well, I'm just gonna take these pills and it'll be fine. And things are gonna just get done. Here's the thing I realize this probably works for some people that just need that little extra boost in their system. Cool. But it's probably not gonna work for a lot of people. You're still going to have to change how you eat and the workouts you're doing. Even if it's just 30 minutes a day, you have to do something. And it just, the thought that you can just take a pill and magically get the results you want, whether that is, you know, health reasons or anything else, it just doesn't work that way.

So if I'm all here for taking supplements, I'm taking them. And I know they work for me. If I do the work, I still have to do things, to make that happen. So you can't supplement yourself in life to achieve things. And I had this other thought too, that you know, you can supplement your income. That's not really what I'm talking about. You can do different activities to create an income. That's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about the easy way out of achieving your goals. You have to do the work. You have to look at the stories you tell yourself, you have to look at the actions. You have to look at the actions that are going to help you get to the way you wanna go. Like you can't just dream about it and be like, oh, I'm just gonna have a dream and look out the window.

And if I believe it, is it gonna happen. No, you have to know exactly why it is you want to achieve and then take into account all the actions and the little steps are going to help you get there. The supplements, if it's on a health thing are just part of your steps, right? They're not the result in itself.

So if you are struggling with achieving your goals, get really, really clear. Make a list of the actions are going to get there. There's support. The supplements you're taking are a support aid, right? Just like a coach or a mentor and an accountability partner. They're a support aid. You're still going to have to do the work. Get clear on your goals, consider the actions you wanna take, and need to take, and include the supplements that might help you along the way, but know that you have to do the work, whatever that is, you have to show up for it and then start showing up for it. And if you want someone to help, I have an offer currently, which is the incubator that will help you get there. And the first week we're going to hash out what those goals are. We're going to create the action steps for the next 90 days. And then we're going to take action for 90 days and you have my support a hundred percent along the way with daily check-ins and daily accountability. Getting my eyes on your actions. You can ask me questions and get feedback and results along the way. 


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