Coffee with a Rebel Podcast Episode 15: How to grow your email list

Episode 15: How to grow your email list


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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • About Growing your email list 
  •  Summits 
  • Giveaways 


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Full Episode Transcript

Today, I wanna talk about growing your email list and some of the things that you can do. And I share this with you because this is one of the things that I feel gets overlooked, especially by beginning entrepreneurs, is that your email list is probably the biggest asset in your business. It's not your website, it's not any of that. It's your email list because these are the people that want to hear from you. And there are some different ways you can grow that email list. Obviously, you want a free lead magnet, right? Some kind of free gift, or it's an exchange of where they give you their email address and you give them a free gift, training, webinar, whatever, anything like that. It's not enough to just have a blog post with a, Hey, sign up for my newsletter, you get this gift.

You have to do some things in order to grow your email list. And a few of those things are you can run a five or seven-day challenge periodically and be like, here, let's do a challenge. And you are inviting people to participate through a five or seven-day training challenge of some kind where you guide them into the process that what you do, which then of course leads to an offer at the end of it. I mean, you're in business. This is not a hobby. Right? The other thing and these are a few things that I do that I pretty much my favorite thing to do. One of them is to host a summit. I just recently wrapped up the Rebel Shine Summit, which was absolutely amazing. Like having conversations with people about, you know, creating the life you want and getting unstuck was absolutely beautiful.

And my next summit is the Love Your Life Summit. Now, the difference between the two is that I decide instead of actually interviewing people and having conversations with them. The Love Your Life Summit is more of a workshop class, where. the contributor will be recording a 25 to 45 minutes video of something that they teach that helps people to fall in love with their life. And I'm gonna put everything together and share that. And we all gonna share the summit with our email list and with our social media and on the blogs and everything, and people sign up for free or they can upgrade, right? Like there's an instant, excess pass that will happen with the workbook, that kind of a thing, but people sign up and then their, speakers also will offer inside up the summit, a free gift that people can sign up for. And so this is how we can grow our email list is to summits.

Another really cool way of doing it is posting giveaways. What does that mean? Well, giveaways are where a bunch of people come together and submit a free gift that is sort of like, think of it as a directory where people sign up and now they get this page with all of these free offers that they can sign up for. And again, that is a really cool way to grow your email list. A few years ago I was just like 200 people on my email list and it didn't really grow until I started hosting and participating in giveaways and have not grown my list to about 1500 people within a two-year span, which may not be the most accelerated growth, but it still feels pretty good to me and hosting or participating.

You know, when you're hosting, you have a greater benefits reward type situation. And if you're participating, you're still reaping awards. People are still signing up and you can add 50, a hundred people per event that you're participating in. And so I have now scheduled several of these giveaways for the next year for the business that I want to invite you in. If you are ready to grow your email list, go to, where you will see all of my upcoming events. Like I said, the first one is, love your life summit. And I also have a couple of bundles that we're doing, where you are offering one of your premier products, whether it's an ebook and a course or anything like that for free through this bundle that people then pay for to get access to. And again, it's a great way to get the buyers on your list.

So I have a summit and the bundle giveaway coming up. I also have a round table event next year. It's a two-day event where we'll have, you know, a few speakers going on. It's just like we're on a roundtable where we'll have discussions about the good and the bad about creating a personal rebellion. And if you are ready to grow your email list and you are looking for events to help you do that, I have a few offers, and if you want to host your own, reach out to me, I can help you with that as well. You can email me at 


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