Coffee with a Rebel Podcast Episode 14: What motivates you

Episode 14: What motivates you


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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • finding your own reasons for why 


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So one of the things that are often talked about including in my own is motivation. One of the key things that I do of understanding and help me motivate, being motivated towards my goal is knowing why I want to achieve something. And that can be as simple and sometimes complicated as asking yourself why. So state your goal very clearly, what is your goal? And then ask you, why do I want that? And you answer that, then you look at that. Well, why do I want that? Do you answer that? Why do I want that? And you keep going until you have, it's like a reaction, whether it's intuitively or even externally, like you just, your body might react. Your thought was like, Ugh, this is it. Like, you'll know when you have reached the core, and why of your goal. And I encourage you to write it on a note and put it somewhere where you can see it every day because that is going to help you through those days where you just might have a little bit of a hard time showing up for doing the action.

I'm not saying don't take days off, but if you really, really want your goal, and you're just really struggling to find your footing of keeping going, that goal, that motivation, that why is really gonna help you to just kind of like, oh yeah, this is why I wanted, and this is why I'm gonna show up. But there are some other things to keep in mind that may apply to you in some form. Some people are motivated simply by themselves because they're focused on their personal identity and their belief system of who they are and how they're, what to perceive for us. There isn't really anything wrong with this kind of ego when we can acknowledge status and where the motivation comes from. Some people might be driven by the exploration of truth and the knowledge that comes from the learning of a new skill by discovering new insight and just getting that greater understanding, um, their desire for growth is to the acquisition of knowledge, right? 

And then there's the actual work you might be driven by the actual adventure of the work that you're doing towards your goal. Like there's motivation and the excitement of the challenge, the discovery process, the thrills that are, you might be experiencing from taking that risk and the surprises that might happen along, you may also be driven by the progress that happens like that forward movement direction. Like you reaching milestones after, you know, getting closer to that goal, that can really be a big motivation for some people, others might feel motivated by the contribution they make in other people's lives. Like that is just the most driving force for them. There's like I'm making an impact. I'm making a change for people. And that is the motivation. Maybe motivation comes from that bigger picture, like the future dreams, right? Really holding that vision that embodies the reality you want to create.

Maybe you have some people in your life, some big role models that are motivating you for me, that is actually has been in the past. The big motivator is knowing people that grew up in the foster care system and were still hugely successful. I actually had to do some research and find out famous people that were in foster care and see that there were still made a name and still made a name for themselves in some kind of way that used to be. And I think it still is in some ways, a huge inspiration and motivation for me that my upbringing doesn't dictate, um, anything and I can achieve my goals. And so sometimes role models can play a big factor in motivation. And then of course there might be uniqueness. I think we all wanna believe that we are unique in some way.

And I do agree that we are, we may have some elements that overlap in some kind of way with other people, but we still have our own way of doing things. We still have our own unique way of doing things that we bring to the table and that makes an impact, right? In some kind of a way, whether it is in your personal life, professional life, whatever. And you may also find that you are a combination of all of these things to help you stay motivated. But the point of this is that the more you know, about what kind of factors play into your own motivation in addition to knowing, why I want to achieve something can really be helpful when you recognize, oh, I really enjoy doing the work that's, what's gonna happen me more to stay motivated, or I really love helping people. And that is my contribution to this place that I'm in and the people that I encounter. And that could be a motivation. So just kind of sit with that and see what your motivation is and embrace that. There's nothing wrong with some of these elements that we can bring in when that is going to help us achieve our goals. 


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