Coffee with a Rebel Podcast Episode 13: Results don't come from comfortable conditions

Episode 13: Results don't come from comfortable conditions


Coffee with a Rebel Podcast 

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Show Notes 

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Results are achieved in uncomfortable positions
  • My workout routine - running in the rain
  • How I can help you achieve your goals


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Full Episode Transcript

Let's talk about results that are not being achieved under comfortable conditions. Once I was able to start running again, I created a sort of workout routine that I felt I could reasonably do by just alternating my running and my kettlebell workouts, right. With a day rests in between. So three days of running three days off kettlebell, and then one day off rest. And I am really working on following that structure because I have health goals that I would like to achieve. And so on Saturday, it was supposed to be raining. And I had to think about how I'm going to pull off my run because I also want to do my running in a sort of different distances, right? Three miles, four miles, six miles, that kind of thing. And alternate them because I feel like that is gonna give me the best competition that I am trying to achieve. 

And I had looked at the weather app and it showed a clear window for the first time in like a week of not raining. And I was like, yes, I can do my six-mile run. It won't be raining. It will be great. Except that I woke up, dressed and ready to go step outside and it was drizzling. And of course, so I had a choice to make in this particular moment, which is, well, I can either go back inside and just set the heck. Was it because it was raining? Or I can just keep on going, go to the trail that I was planning on running and just do the run anyway, even though it was raining. And so I did, I went to the trail and went on my run and doing that run. This thought occurred to me that results are not achieved through comfortable conditions.

Of course, running in the rain may not be the most comfortable thing to do, but if you have some house goals like I do then running in the rain is just gonna be one of those things you're going to do. And I'm really, really grateful that, uh, while back I was attempting 75 hard and then had to quit due to injury because it really helped me condition myself that I can actually do my workouts outside, no matter the condition with the exception of, you know, like thunderstorms and that kind of a thing, cause you still wanna be safe. And so I did my run. I feel really, really good about the results I had on my run because the other thought that always crossed my mind is that I am going for distance this year. Not on how fast I can do them. I'm pretty competitive.

And I'm really, really competitive with myself and always try to do better than the time before going the same trails and running things like that. But I have a goal of achieving 2022 miles this year, and I'm a little bit behind due to this foot injury that I had incured. So with that said, I have to remind myself every time I'm going for distance, I am not going for speed. The speed will come. As I continue to do these runs and continue to do my kettlebell workouts, right? Like that is just gonna be the result because it's just gonna automatically happen. And the same concept applies to any kind of goal that you have. There are going to be moments that are going to feel incredibly uncomfortable in your body, in your heart, and in your soul. But it's also the thing that, you know, you need to do.

If you are trying to pitch yourself on a pot, if you are trying to sell an offer, if you are trying to do a competition of any kind, anything that puts you outside of your comfort zone, you know, out of your little bubble, it's gonna be uncomfortable. And you kind of have to push through that. If you want to achieve results, I'm a really big introvert. I love my alone time. I love being in my own space, but if I wanna sell my art, I have to feel a bit more sociable. I have to put myself out there. I have to attend events and go through the motions and know that I'm gonna be exhausted at the end of the day. However, I'm able to connect with people. I get to share my story and how I got started with this, my art, I get to share all these different things that I can do through my skills and talents, and that doesn't always feel comfortable.

So you just have to push through that. So I want you to think about moments like you have, where you're like, oh, this is gonna not feel good, but you know that doing that action is gonna help you get to the results that you want. If you want more help in this, I have the rebel incubator where we will work together on helping you achieve your goals. It's a three and a half months program with one week of prep work to help you get clear on your goals and 90 days of daily accountability, where you have access to me every day to get support, get feedback, encouraging words, whatever it is unique to go to the next step, go to and learn more about the Crow program and join me for three and a half months to help you achieve your goals. 


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