The Rebel Space

There's nothing more thrilling than doing your thing your way. You feel the excitement running through every fiber in your being. 

But it's also hard and painful at times It doesn't matter whether you're creative like an artist, writer, or service provider, a multi-passionate and a mix of all of those things combined.  

You want to eat your cake and eat it too but the people around you don't understand you, they don't get what you're doing and why you're so insistent to take what feels like insane risks all the time.  

Oh, they admire you for your courage, tenacity, and grit but they don't get it. They don't know that it's scary and overwhelming and feels so damn vulnerable to put yourself out there for the whole world to see, to judge and criticize, and yet you keep doing it anyway because your dreams and goals are bigger than your fears.  

And if you're introverted and neurodivergent - that's a whole other ballgame right there because what is working for neurotypical people and in society doesn't really work for you or me.  

I know there have been many times in my life when I wondered if it was all worth it or if I have lost my mind completely.  

I also have that deep knowing that what I am doing is what I am meant to do and that other people's expectations and thoughts about my life or business, don't mean a thing when it comes to my peace, joy, and happiness.

And sometimes it gets really lonely

Here's the thing though, that when it comes to living your life, all you have is this experience right now, and doing your own thing helps dismantle the programming you've been exposed to.

When people get the support, the community is filled with people that "get it" and the resources to navigate this adventure, incredible and amazing things happen.  

And with that, I am offering a low-cost monthly community space where everyone does their own thing however they want but with community, support and the ability to remove excuses and rid themselves of the bullshit of the "this is how you're supposed to do it".  

So if you're ready to  

  • Do your own thing and start your own thing by being who you are unapologetically
  • Have support and a community where everyone gets up every day to do what they want 
  • Shift through the stories holding you back and remove the excuses

Welcome to the Rebel Space

I am Petra - Artist, Author, and Rebel! I don't love labels but for human understanding, I realize they are necessary I share this with you because my favorite way to explain what I do is: "I do what I want". If I want to make art, I make art, I want to write a book, I write a book. I want to go for a hike, run, concert, or nap - that is what I do. I also love helping people and supporting them with their dreams, goals, and creative work. 

For a long time, people told me that I couldn't have the cake and eat it too - meaning that I had to get a college degree, work a job until retirement and then wait for life to be over. All I knew though is that isn't how I wanted my life to be because it sounded lame. I didn't live through foster care and land in a new country to just allow my past to continuously control my life. And when my son was then diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder and faced death in the process of barely making it out of three liver transplant surgery, I knew I could no longer live life according to everyone else's rules and had to create my own. 

And it all came to a head when I found myself unemployed from my therapy job and decided to go all in on my dreams. I started writing books, creating coloring books, making art and began coaching and consulting. When you work with me, you get someone who will hold space for you, share strategies that you can explore, and support you in designing your life the way you want. 

And by now you may be curious about what that looks like and how it's all going to work.  

We are a community of creatives, multi-passionates, and introverts doing what we want however we want to do it. This is for people who are artists, creators, writers, lightworkers, energy healers, service providers, and everything in between.  

And by doing what you want and however you want I mean exactly that - whether you're at the beginning of your journey, somewhere in the middle of it all, or anywhere in between. And by doing your own thing, that means whether you’re just starting out, have been doing your own things for a while, doing your own thing as a side hustle, or anywhere in between!

When you join you will get

Quarterly Calls - Every Quarter we get together to plan our next 90 days and connect, collaborate and have fun being your introverted weird self.  

Monthly Intention Sessions - The start of a new month can give us this, offering us a chance to pause, reflect and set intentions for the month ahead.

Discussion Center - where you can pop in any time of day and share what you're up to with the community.  

Ask Questions Anytime - where you get to submit a question and I'll publish all the answers a couple of days later. Expect strategy, and get unstuck in any way I can help. Think of it like having someone in your back pocket.  

As a member, you'll be added to the public directory promoting what you do with the world and I will be sharing + featured in my weekly newsletter. This is a fabulous way for your people to find you and support you!  

The Vault with Q&A Session Recordings so you can watch and listen anytime. 

1 worksheet, checklist, or the like per month - a mix of personal development and business. 

Access to curated content that I think will help you do your own thing at any given time. Whether its' about feeling confident and a powerhouse or marketing and business matters.

Everything will be in one spot for you to access!  

I know you can do the work that lights you up like a firecracker I know it while it may be uncomfortable to put yourself out there, it's worth it  

And I know you do not have to do whatever you want to do alone


Along with everything inside you will get access to Monday Morning Podcast where I share my thoughts and experiences with you - and maybe even a little nudge to motivate and inspire.

Rebel Space VIP - This is for those of you ready to go deeper with more support from Petra! In addition to all the trainings and calls include in the other tier, in the Rebel Space, you'll also receive: 1 Private Call with Petra per Month via Voxer!

6 Modules

Quarterly Sessions

Every Quarter we get together to plan our next 90 days and connect, collaborate and have fun being your introverted weird quirky self. Next session is 1/11/23

Monthly Intention Session

The start of a new month can give us this, offering us a chance to pause, reflect and set intentions for the month ahead. The next Session is on 11/30/22

Ask questions Anytime

You submit a question and I'll publish all the answers. Expect strategy, and get unstuck. It's like having someone in your back pocket.  

Discussion Center

Weekly discussions where you can hop in any time of day and share what you're up to with the community.  

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