The Rebels Den is now Daily Coffee First! 

TRD Affiliates

Hi! Are you interested in being an affiliate for The Rebels Den?

It's free to be an affiliate, free to sign up, and once you do, you'll gain special links just for you to share with anyone you want. When they purchase one of my products through your special affiliate link, you, my friend, will get paid 50% of the product price! Say what now? Yep, you read that right - any product inside the Affiliate center gets a 50% commission! 

Also, if you've signed up for any of my free resources or paid offerings, then you're already an affiliate!

When you log into your account, look for your name in the top right corner. Click that and you will then see a drop-down with one of them being "Affiliate Center".

Inside the Affiliate Center, you will see all the products offered as well as YOUR unique affiliate link for each product, as well as the commission rate for each. 

So, why did I create this Affiliate Signup Center if it's automatic?

Not everyone signed up or purchased my products, but they may still want to be an affiliate for The Rebels Den.

And let's be honest, how many of you knew that the affiliate center even existed? Probably not too many of you! 

By signing up for being an affiliate, you were instantly added to my TRD Affiliate email tag and segment, so expect emails from me every now and again about upcoming events and promotions for products and general affiliate information.

So the next thing is to click on the Module so you can learn how to use your new Affiliate Center!

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How To Access Your Affiliate Center

Step-by-step instructions on how to access and use The Rebels Den Affiliate Center

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