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You always do the best you can with that you know - no more, no less.

Which can challenge in ou in many ways because you can't see your own blindspot.

You know you can benefit from support but what you don't want is:

  • invest in another course or program with limited support
  • trying to find time in your schedule for a zoom call
  • throwing spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks

People get stuck all the time in this life and business and take the steps they know over and over again just to find themselves spinning on that hamster wheel.

But you know that the right shift will get you off that wheel but you can't seem to catch a long enough break.

And when you are trying to forge your own path and can be challenging when other people just don't get what you want to create in this life.

Not having people in your world that get it can feel like a very lonely journey because there's no one to call or reach out to for support.

You are not alone in this journey of trying to figure it all out.


What’s Volley?

Volley is a video messaging app that enables meaningful on-demand conversation and connection between individuals. If you already know how to communicate through a messaging app, you can use Volley.

Here’s how a VIP Day of Volley works:

During our VIP Day of Volley, the conversation will flow back and forth on and off between us via Volley all day.

This allows us to dig deep into whatever keeping you stuck and holding you back while also creating some forward movement!

  1. You'll get to choose a day for your Day of Volley: The beauty of this is that you don't need a calendar or be glued to your phone all day. You get a full day of coaching while not having to press PAUSE on your day.

  2. We get you set up on Volley: If you don’t have a Volley account, you’ll create one – it’s free. We’ll add each other on Volley, and you can send me a message to connect. I do have some prep work to help me have an even better understanding of where you are and what you want to achieve! This way, we can dive right in when your day starts.

  3. Prepare for your VIP Day of Volley: Feel into what you would like to accomplish on that day or any questions you may have. Send me any information you think might support you on that day. Also, make sure you have a pen and paper at hand to jot down any essential info for the VIP Day of Volley.

  4. Ask me all the things...on your VIP Day: I will send you a message to kick off your VIP business coaching experience. You can respond whenever it’s convenient for you and we will go back and forth from there.

You do not have to sit with your phone for 10 hours - yikes! No, we'll be exchanging messages throughout the day at a steady yet relaxed pace.

You will have the time and space to mull things over which is important and leads to more effectiveness of our time together.

When you book a VIP Day of Volley what you’re really getting is…

  • An understanding of what’s holding you back and a way out of the mud so you can be forward moving with your life and business.
  • Trying to figure it out all on your own is doable, but takes longer and can be really confusing.
  • Having someone in your back pocket to help you figure things out in a day creates the space to get off the hamster wheel.

All that will be left to do after the VIP Day of Volley is apply what you’ve learned.

Let’s Do it

Hey, I’m Petra.

The person you’ll be on the phone with after booking this.

I believe in forging your own path in life and in business. It took me way too long to figure it all out, which left me frustrated and struggling.

Doing what you love and want to do is great in theory but some of the strategies don't make sense. Add in some unhealthy stories I kept telling myself and stuck on the hamster wheel of repeating patterns of behavior, it was chaos.

And eventually, I got myself sorted out and made moved into the space of figuring it all out and don't sacrifice myself or my passions.

Now I help creatives, multi-passionates, and rebels not feel so alone in their journey of forging their own path and achieving their goals.

Here's the thing I know to be true:

What works for me doesn't necessarily work for you, however, I can help you uncover what will work for you!

I also know that you do not have to fully know what you want to talk about.

Sometimes we just need the space to let it out because we know things are a bit off but haven't been able to sort it out. And this is where I come in!

Ready for VIP Day of Volley?

Book your session now for just $249

  1. Click the link below + pay
  2. Fill out the Prep-Work and Choose your day
  3. Get set up on Volley Kick off your VIP Day of Volley with a message from me

Let’s Do it

You have questions, I answers:

How can we do this if we're in different time zones?

No biggie. A VIP Day of Voxer runs from 8 am to 6 pm EST. This means that most time zones get a good chunk of that time. Especially those in the Western Hemisphere.

What if the days available don't work for me?

There’s always a way to solve this. Email me at and we’ll find a day that works for both of us.

What if I need to reschedule?

I get it, things come up and shit happens. It’s easy to reschedule via the appointment booking system. As long as there’s a 24-hour notice prior to rescheduling.

How much time is included in the VIP Day of Voxer?

10 hours total. From 8 am to 6 pm EST.

No we won't chat for 10 hours. We'll communicate back and forth throughout the day! 

How much time do I need to set aside to participate?

Enough for to be able to listen and reply to the messages throughout the day! 

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