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Join Us as a Contributor & Speaker in our Virtual Summits, Bundle & Giveaway Events

As a small business owner, some of your focus needs to be on visibility and email list building so you can grow your business (and your income).

By collaborating with other small business owners, the people that sign up are winning because you recognize collaboration over competition and give them access to amazing resources to help them go to the next level.

Through the events, you will 

  • Build Your List – For every customer who signs up for the summits and giveaways and purchases the bundles, the individual will access the contributor’s website to obtain their product. When they do, they’ll sign up for your mailing list. This is the main motivation behind the joint venture giveaway, bundle and submit events – adding dozens, or hundreds, of new leads to your business!
  • You Can Earn More Money through our bundle events!  When you promote the Bundles, you will be provided with an affiliate link where you will earn 50% commissions for the purchase of their bundle package.

"Thank you for being such a good summit host.  Your professionalism, attention to detail, and technical support are first-rate.  When I do your events I always know that communication will be clear and you will provide everything I need in a timely fashion.  Your events are flawless, and I appreciate being a part of them. - Eva Goulette" 

4 Modules

Grow your Email List with events

Collaborating through summits, bundles and giveaways can help you grow your email list much faster and help you become the authority in your niche.

Access the Training $47

Make an Impact Giveaway

Our Make an Impact Giveaway January 9 - 22, 2023 is all about, sharing our gifts, our wisdom, and our talents with others so that you can make an impact because what happens is the ripple effect of creating a movement that keeps going. 

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The Rebels Round Table

A 2-day event on March 15 + 16, 2023 of creatives and multi-passionates discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly about creating a personal rebellion to act as change. 

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Create Your Life Giveaway

Our Create your Life Giveaway on 7/10/23 through 7/23/23 is all about, sharing our gifts, our wisdom, and our talents with others so that people can create a life that feels out of reach but in reality, they are just a single decision away from it all. 

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