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Pitch your Membership

You have a business, you actively grow your email list and you have offers that feel amazing. 

But let's be honest there are only so many hours in the day and you can't help them all with 1:1 work. 

A membership can support you financially while you support your people with your skills, gifts, and well, just being you! 

Whether you have a service-based business or a product-based business, you can simply reach more people when building a membership.,

You work hard.  Your strategies are proven to work.  You are dedicated to your clients.  But you’re still struggling to have all of this talent and hard work pay off!  I KNOW what you’re going through. 

Creating a subscription-based offer can generate a reliable income every month while authentically serving hundreds or even thousands of grateful clients.

Since developing products and services, I always remind myself of who I can help and how I may be able to do that in the most effective way without burning out!  

We'll kick it off with the business framework to have it fresh in our memory on who it is we serve and what it is that we do! 

During the next 90-days, we will

  • Explore the kind of membership you want to create
  • Sort out where your content will come from (you already have it, probably!)
  • Deliver the value and keep your people engaged 
  • Map out your launch and re-launch plans

When everything is set in place and you are ready to e fully engaged in your adventure, your business will be listed on the Marketplace and promoted to the Rebels Den Community!

If you are ready to then join the Pitch your Offer and get

  • Weekly office hours in our Community 
  • Ask questions in the lessons - no waiting for a coaching call 
  • Weekly Accountability to support you


  • Checklists, workbooks, planners
  • Marketplace to share your business, freebie, offer, membership

You can keep working 1:1 if you like, you can have a membership to work with more people at the same time, you can also do both. The adventure is yours to create. 

5 Modules

Create Your Rockstar Membership Plan for More Income

Any idea will remain only an idea until you transform it into a plan and put your plan into action. Before you plunge right into creating a low-maintenance monthly club, however, it’s important to be sure that this business model is the right fit for you and your community at the present time.

Use Your Content Library to Build Your Membership

Building a monthly club membership doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. You can easily take what you’ve got in the back pocket of your business and put it to good use.

Consistently Deliver Value and Keep Your Members Engaged

Starting a group provides its own unique mountain to climb. Keeping your members engaged and committed on a monthly, ongoing basis may be a whole new world for you to explore—and you have to do it flawlessly and consistently: That is, with no glitches in monthly content delivery.

The best way to ensure you can always do this is to pre-plan your content schedule, set up recurring, repetitive content types every month and offer and regularly-delivered value.

But that is just the root core of your delivery mechanics and club commitment. There’s something that is even more important, if you want to create an active, wildly successful low-maintenance monthly club…

Market Your Monthly Group for Continuous Enrollments

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep your launch (and re-launch) plan as low-maintenance as your monthly club itself?

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