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Pitch your Offer

You've launched your business idea, and you've now you are ready to develop some offers to bring in that income.

Having multiple offers allows you to connect with your people in different parts of their journey. Finding the right camping spot when out on an adventure means looking at all of the amenities they have and people will look at what you bring the same way. 

But more than that, once you some offers to share it with the world, the challenge just may be the when and how to bring it to people's attention.

You could just share it all over social media or on your blog, and of course, if you've started growing your email list, that's a great place too! 

I've seen this a lot, and have done this myself, not making an offer doesn't bring you the sale. You didn't start your business to look at an empty bank account, you started your business because you wanted something very specific: 

  • The freedom to work wherever and whenever 
  • The freedom to create products that light you up 
  • The freedom to help people solve problems 

Having an offer that helps you do that and sharing it with people will be the difference between a business and a hobby.  

Since developing products and services, I always remind myself of who I can help and how I may be able to do that!  Offers can stay the same, but new ideas may come and new offers emerge. 

We'll kick it off with the business framework to have it fresh in our memory on who it is we serve and what it is that we do! 

During the next 90-days, we will

  • Explore the different types of offers you could create
  • Follow tutorials to start mapping out your offer
  • Start selling your offer and bring in income 

When everything is set in place and you are ready to e fully engaged in your adventure, your business will be listed on the Marketplace and promoted to the Rebels Den Community!

If you are ready to then join the Pitch your Offer and get

    • Weekly office hours in our Community 
    • Ask questions in the lessons - no waiting for a coaching call 
    • Weekly Accountability to support you


    • Checklists, workbooks, planners
    • Marketplace to share your business, freebie, offer, membership

    You have a choice to make: be a hobbyist or be a business owner - the difference is that one has offers that bring in money.

    9 Modules

    Why Your Sales Page is Your #1 Launch Tool

    This is the center of your launch universe: It’s where most of your other assets point people. It must be rock-solid, or you won’t make conversions. Develop a system and a checklist for your sales page to make sure you don’t miss a single step or advantage.

    Powerful Webinars + Videos for Your Launch

    A free video series or webinar that’s tied into your paid offering is an incredibly useful tool for sales … but you need the right information and assets to make it work.

    The Top Assets for a Killer Launch Email Funnel

    To make the most of launch copy assets, you’ll need to create them for two separate funnels: One that points people to your webinar, and one that leads them to your sales page. These funnels will have much the same elements, but serve different (though related) purposes.

    Additional Assets for a Product Launch

    Your videos/webinar and emails are just the start! Before launch, make sure you’ve got all of these items ready to go.

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