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Pitch your Freebie

You've launched your business idea, and you've discovered that building an email list is pretty important.

There are so many ways to build your email list but what you want is to create a freebie that makes it all just a bit easier for you.

But more than that, once you have a freebie you know you have to share it with the world, and that in itself looks a bit overwhelming.

And just like you developed your business, you can also create a freebie and find a way of growing your email list.

While there may only be a few ways to pitch a tent, there are a ton of ways to grow your list.

You could just share it all over social media or on your blog, but what if you could host a summit or a giveaway that will help you grow your list so much faster?

I've seen this a lot, and have done this myself, not having a free gift to invite people into an email list can and will cost you money.

Choosing the type of lead magnet that makes a difference is about understanding your people and the problem you solve. 

Since developing my own free gifts, I keep adding a few new ones because I keep on healing and expanding and it's natural that my business does too. 

We'll kick it off with the business framework to have it fresh in our memory on who it is we serve and what it is that we do! 

Together we will

  • Explore all the possible freebie options and choose the one that makes sense to you
  • Follow tutorials to start creating your free gift and deliver it to those who sign up
  • Venture into Summits and Giveaways and how they can explore our list growth 

When everything is set in place and you are ready to e fully engaged in your adventure, your business will be listed on the Marketplace and promoted to the Rebels Den Community!

If you are ready to then join the Pitch your Freebie and get

  • Weekly office hours in our Community 
  • Ask questions in the lessons - no waiting for a coaching call 
  • Weekly Accountability to support you 


  • Checklists, workbooks, planners
  • Marketplace to share your business, freebie, offer, membership

 If I haven't said it before, I will say it again, not having an email list will cost you money, and not growing an email list, well it will cost you money too.

Your email list is full of people that want to hear from you because you have something to offer that they want and probably need!

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