90 Day Rebel Incubator

My mission for my own life has been to make every year, the best year.

This means I tap into my creativity to guide me toward my goals of living my life according to my own rules and having amazing experiences with my family and friends. I want to feel and see changes in my life that also have a bigger impact on the world.

It can be challenging to be productive but I want to do the things that matter not the ones that will just keep me busy.  

I also believe that you can set goals any time of the year and you don't have to wait until December or January. 

But my question to you is, what are you ready to change?  

Every day you have a choice to get onto the same hamster wheel and keep repeating everything over and over again with no or minimal results OR  you can start making different decisions, explore new things, and create shifts and changes so you can achieve your goals. 

What do you want to make happen? 

Or maybe I should ask what you don't want - sometimes it's hard to know for sure, isn't it? 

  • Maybe you want to improve your health and fitness 
  • Maybe you want to start or grow your business 
  • Maybe you want to make art or write a book 
  • Maybe you want to shift your relationships  
  • Maybe you want to create more freedom 

I want to be you've already tried a lot of things, maybe even thrown spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks.

So I am inviting you to join me for 3-Months to get clear on our goals, address any potential roadblocks that want to get in your way, start doing the work that will matter in your life and business, and review our progress along the way. 

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What's inside the 90-Day Rebel Incubator? 

The Rebel Incubator is a program with support to help you take action towards your goals at your own pace-ish and on your own. As an introvert myself, I recognize that not everyone wants to work 1:1 via zoom calls or spend time in a group program with other people. Some of us (like myself) work and do better on our own when we're ready to do so but still want the support and accountability to make progress towards our goals. 

This is a 3.5-months program which means that you will access the course content, and spend a week prepping for your 3 months of taking action and then committing to doing daily actions through my accountability system. You will have 24/7 access to self-guided lessons, resources, and the accountability to get things done. I will be with you every step of the way! 

All of this will look like this:

Once you purchase the program, you can log in anytime and as often as you like during the 3-months program. You will receive emails for each step!

Week 1: Prep work

Week 2-12: Daily Accountability with weekly/monthly check-ins

You can either ask questions + comment (publicly) on lessons and resources or you can ask questions privately that only I will see and I will reply to you privately via email with my thoughts, feedback, and encouraging words! 

No topic is off-limits to explore and discuss and we'll dive into goal setting, doubt + limiting beliefs, boundaries, and mindset, and overcome overwhelm and procrastination so you can be an action taker and more. 

I will also be rewarding those who are doing the work consistently, are making progress on their goals, and show up to do the work. Rewards may be coffee on me, 1:1 Volley Sessions, access to other paid content, and whatever else I can think of! When you do the work, you deserve to reap benefits along the way. 

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So it's time to stop wondering who you will be, what you will do, and what you are going to have in the next year and instead dream it, set your intentions, and take action to make your dreams + goals come true.

Here is what I suspect: 

You have big dreams and goals just waiting to be released and shared with the world. I deeply believe that when you get clear and acknowledge those goals and take steady action, you will not only help and heal yourself in the progress but those around you. The ideas, dreams, and goals that come to you are designed and meant for you and you owe it to yourself and the rest of the world to share them. 

And I suspect that you are a bit of a  spiritual, heart-centered, and thoughtful rebel ready to undo the programming you recognize needs changing so that you can do what you are called to do. 

Without goals, your life will unfold by default. Your default will be to continue to experience the same old patterns and to allow the outside world to influence your life path. By not setting goals and allowing yourself to go for your desires and dreams, you give away your power. This is YOUR life and it’s meant to be lived the way YOU want. My mission is to help get clear and acknowledge what you want and remove the excuses and roadblocks trying to get in the way of making your goals a reality. 

In addition to the daily accountability and the support, you will get from me during our time together,

You will get access to the tools you need to set goals for yourself that inspire you and make life fulfilling, plan for success, and to follow through. Most of all, you will know how to live life to the fullest and enjoy the journey. Achieving life goals isn’t about the achievement of the goal, it’s about the experience of reaching for the dream and becoming a better person along the way.

Get Clear on Your Goals 

When you ask most people what their goals are or what they want out of life, they often cannot answer. And when they do, the goals they say are often what others have influenced them to want. You will discover what YOU really want out of life and how to reach your goals. 

Believe in yourself

Oftentimes, people hold themselves back from the goals they really want because they believe they cannot have their true desires. A lot of times fear gets in the way but you're going to discover from your own life that you can believe in yourself and have the confidence that you have everything you need to be successful. 

Let's Plan it

Every goal needs an actionable plan! Too many times people get discouraged when goals are not reached or attempts lead to failure. This is most often because the goal wasn’t well thought through and an effective plan wasn’t made. You'll learn some strategies for planning for your goal and maintaining motivation!  

Keep on going

And speaking of motivation, even the best plans will fail if motivation doesn't exist. Stop leaving motivation to chance because you'll wait for a long time! You will be able to prepare your mental state in advance so that your personal reasons for your goals are strong enough to pull you through those times when doubt, discouragement, or procrastination threaten to zap your motivation.


You will receive FREE access to my Rebel Goals Workbook! Inside you will find: 

  • 30-Day Goal Planner
  • How to crush your goals
  • Cure Procrastination
  • Get your Act Together
  • Get Back on Track
  • Secrets to Productivity


Access the Monday Morning Coffee Podcast.

When you sign up you will get access to the resources and spend the first week getting clear on your goals and a plan of action!  

Week 1: Prep work

Week 2-12: Daily Accountability with weekly/monthly check-ins

You can publicly ask questions in the comments or privately share questions with me - both will receive a response from me within 24-36 hours with my thoughts, feedback, and encouraging words! 

No topic is off-limits to explore and discuss and we'll dive into goal setting, doubt + limiting beliefs, boundaries, and mindset, and overcome overwhelm and procrastination so you can be an action taker and more. 

Why should you learn from me? 

Why learn from me?

  • I went to college during the hardest time of my life - my son was undergoing lifesaving transplant surgery and was in a medically induced coma for 3 months not sure if he'd make it out of it. This led to being part of the honor society. 
  • I wrote several books because I can and wanted to. If you're looking for flashy best-selling information this isn't it. 
  • I make art every day and make money doing it. I created a coloring book in 30-days and wrote a book in 2 weeks. Set up a blog with one year's worth of posts in a week. I follow where the ideas and inspirations lead me. 
  • Even though I have my own stories, patterns, and beliefs that have held me (and sometimes still) hold me back, I don't want the right time or permission to do what I want to do. 
  • I am real, raw, transparent, and maybe even a bit unfiltered and I don't hold back on things. 
  • I recognize where you are, hold your space and help you sort out what will make a difference in your life and business as it relates to YOUR goals. 
  • I am a certified goal success coach because overcoming what is getting in the way and achieving goals is my passion. 

When do we start? 

When you are ready to take action and really commit to your dreams and goals! 

Your Questions were Answered! 

What will I work on?

You can start immediately after investing in the program and go through the lessons to create your goals and break them down into doable steps and you will work on them from that point forward. Whatever YOUR goals are, that is what you will spend time focusing on during our time together!

It’s not the right time for me. 

No sweat, come back when it feels more aligned! 

What happens if I fall behind, can I catch up later?

This program is timed in such a way that during week 1 you are doing the prep work, and from week 2 moving forward your daily accountability begins with daily/weekly emails to support you in your journey. There really isn't any falling behind, there is simply choosing to not show up for it. 

Is this for business owners only?

This is for those ready to reach some goals, so it's open to everyone. 

What is the refund policy?

As with all my programs, refunds are not given if you change your mind. Refunds are only provided where required by Virginia and US Law. 

Every year can be your best year and you can do this 90 days at a time! 

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