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More Flow, More Money, More Fun!

More Flow, More Money, More Fun!

When it comes to manifesting more abundance, you’ve heard and done it all, friend.

You meditate. You journal. You visualize.

(Once you even wrote yourself a super fun blank check for that oh-so-specific amount you wanted to manifest, because you heard it worked for Jim Carrey.)

And while you’ve seen some success – new clients or sales (the cash to comes with that), a killer invitation to speak on the best podcast ever – it’s like nothing ever truly sticks.

Because as soon as you sign the new client…you feel desperate to sign another.

Or as soon as the fat, new check hits your bank account…you feel like it’s gone–poof!–in days.

Or the literal second after you switch off your Snowball mic after rocking the podcast interview you were SO excited about…you’re worried about when the next interview request is gonna come in.

Sound familiar?

You’re not alone.

It’s easy to look around and feel like everybody is constantly bringing in MORE money (and stuff!) and doing MORE and experiencing MORE.

It’s also easy to feel like you need to catch up and keep up. It’s easy to feel like no matter how much good you have in your life (and you do have a LOT of good, just saying), isn’t truly enough.

Now, I have some good news and some better news.

The good news is, that abundance isn’t actually (just) about receiving or being or doing MORE.

The better news is, feeling abundant has almost nothing to do with what’s going on in the “outside world” anyway.

Here’s the deal…

Abundance Is About So Much More than What’s in Your Wallet!

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.

Most people think abundance is all about money, and it’s simply not true.

Think about it this way…

You know how some are rolling in the dough, but seem like they’re working 24/7, are always overwhelmed with their work, and are perpetually dealing with crappy clients and customers…

…and yet others are head-over-heels about their lives, their work, their clients, the sales, and themselves – regardless o how much cash is sitting pretty in their bank or what anybody else in the world is doing, point-blank?

It’s like that.

Research has shown feeling truly abundant is about more than just acquiring wealth.

It’s also about the way you feel–about yourself, about your life, and about what you already have–along the way.

It makes sense: We all know “that someone” who’s super-rich, but also super unhappy, right?

Or think about the minimalism movement.

Is someone with a closet packed with clothes more “abundant” than someone with a closet full of high-quality clothes they use and love and fit and flatter them like nobody’s business?

Absolutely not.

So, how can you start to feel wildly abundant, deeply taken care of, and immensely joyful about your life–regardless of your circumstances?

Well, if you’re looking for a fresh approach to bringing more goodness into your life–in every area of your life, moolah included…

You Can Expand Your Capacity to Experience & Receive Abundance–Right Now!

All of us can feel more abundant–no matter how much or little we have at this very moment.

Just imagine if instead of…

  • Constantly feeling like your wins (monetary or not) aren’t big or “shiny” enough
  • Chasing every penny (read: taking on every client and opportunity, even if they’re not truly aligned) because you feel like you need to “keep up”
  • Ending each day feeling like you didn’t do enough, make enough money or “move forward” enough
  • Looking around at your home decor, or peeking in your closet, or simply working with your clients and thinking about how much more incredible that one influencer’s life is–in every single way–than yours

…you could learn tried-and-trusted tools and techniques for loving your life, your work, your clients, your customers and your “stuff” right now….while simultaneously calling in your next level of abundance, too!

And what if–with the right guidance–it could all happen faster than you thought possible?

It can. And that’s where I waltz in.

Abundance Course:

More Flow, More Money, More Fun!

In this step-by-step course, you’ll learn a fresh way to look at the abundance and create more of it in every area of your life–from money to relationships to health and more.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Stop feeling like you “never have enough” and transform any feelings of lack into deep feelings of appreciation
  • Create a solid gratitude practice that enhances your experience of your daily life–and turns you into a total magic & joy magnet, to boot
  • Cultivate more fun and flow with simple, straightforward practices (most that don’t cost a dime!)
  • Detach, forgive and easily let go of what you don’t want, so you have room to magnetize what you do want

    What exactly will you learn, you ask? Here’s a peek at all the goods in this 4 lessons self-paced course…

Lesson 1: Mastering the Abundance Mindset

Abundance is commonly associated with money, but it’s about so much more than that. Lesson 1 will dive deep into what abundance actually is, how to know if you’re on track to receive it and also explores a few tried-and-true techniques for calling in more of it, fast.

Lesson 1 will dig into…

  • The biggest roadblock to an abundance mindset most entrepreneurs have–and how to ditch it, for good
  • How to stop letting comparisonitis suck the joy out of your life and business
  • How to truly feel like you have “plenty” in your life–even if you haven’t quite attracted your wildest dreams just yet
  • The 4 most magnetic abundance manifestation practices you should already be doing–implement these if you want “more” flow, ease or good feelings, fast!

Lesson 2: Appreciate the Good and Watch It Grow

Want to know the true secrets to overflow in every area of your life? It all starts with deeply appreciating what’s already in front of you. Lesson 2 will teach you where to look to find abundance in your life as it is today–and what to focus on to attract more of it, too.

Lesson 2 covers…

  • How to easily expand your capacity to experience and receive abundance–without spending hours on your (cute) meditation cushion (unless you wanna)
  • The vital practice you need to put in place today–this will squash the urge to “Keep Up with the Kardashians” (er, Joneses) like an unwanted bug!
  • Why you should QUIT striving to be the best, do it all and have everything you want –and what to do instead.
  • Why celebrating yourself matters–and where to start, without feeling weird
  • How to completely release the need to compete or compare with others–from your family and friends to, well, actual competitors!

Lesson 3: Cultivate Joy for Epic Expansion & Growth

Once you fully start to appreciate who you are and what you have, the natural result is that you’ll start to see opportunities to bring MORE good stuff into your life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also intentionally create more of what you want. You can–and Lesson 3 takes a look at the ways you can squeeze the most joy out of your day-to-day right now, and not wait for some special day or time in the future to adore your life.

Lesson 3 digs into…

  • The obvious (but underused) way to create more joyful and feel-good experiences in your life–every single day!
  • The best way to start moving forward & feeling abundant again when you feel stuck and stagnant
  • Why you need to slooooow down if you want to speed up your manifestation–and how to do it
  • The best, FREE joy and abundance-booster there is–which surprisingly has NOTHING to do with you!
  • One massive mistake entrepreneurs make when “trying” to manifest abundance–and how to avoid it

Lesson 4: Free Up Space for Ultimate Prosperity

Lesson 4 is all about a counterintuitive but highly-effective way to attract abundance. You’ll learn how to let go, forgive and free up mental and physical space so what you truly desire can come into your life, with rapid speed.

Inside, we’ll cover…

  • Why your social media habit is stifling your abundance and blocking your flow–and how to free it up again
  • The many ways clutter crushes your abundance muscle–and why having more stuff isn’t necessarily the path to true abundance
  • Why making peace with your past is THE key to prosperity–and how to release yours, once and for all.
  • How the richest people in the world stay rich AND happy–and how you can, too!

Attracting Abundance Doesn’t Have to Feel Like a Chore

I’m going to be real with you: If you’re looking for another “money manifestation” course, this isn’t it.

I can’t promise you’ll walk away from these lessons with triple the zeros in your bank or a waiting list of new clients begging to work with you.

But what I can promise is that this course will open your eyes to the meaning of true abundance is and give you the tools you need to create copious amounts of it in every area of your life–from love to career to (yes) finances.

You’re just one step away from…

  • Waking up every morning deeply satisfied with your life, work and what’s on your plate that day
  • Opportunities, people and synchronicities galore
  • Finally feeling like what you have is “good enough” (no matter what you have!)
  • Breaking through limiting beliefs about what you deserve and feeling more confident, inspired and excited about what you already have–and what you’re capable of!
  • No longer feeling resentful, jealous or comparing yourself to everyone on your Facebook or Instagram feed
  • Believing in your bones that another’s success has zero effect on what you can have
  • Feeling crazy-positive about yourself, about your current circumstances and your future! 

Most abundance gurus and money manifestation experts focus on teaching others how to call in more cash, period.

And while that’s definitely important, they tend to gloss over how to “fill your cup” in other areas of life.

But what if you had more love in your relationships?

More fun in your work or business?

More time and space and ease in your days?

Would that make you feel more abundant than just having more money in the bank?

Of course, it would!

When you learn how to see and feel more abundant in every area of your life, every single day, your entire world will transform.

You’ll no longer feel the need to judge yourself against somebody else’s measuring stick (or number of Instagram followers).

You’ll feel less antsy and anxious about the future and more like you know you’re supported on a deep, soul-level–no matter what.

And the best part is it actually doesn’t require anything to change in your life (although stuff will change–trust me!).

Let me show you how to feel MORE abundant by simply by having more fun, ease and joy in your days.

(And yes, attracting a little–or a lot–more cash, too).

Some extra resources include: 

  • Affirmations you can use in your journal 
  • A downloadable and printable journal 
  • Desktop Graphics with Affirmations 
  • Phone backgrounds with Affirmations 

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