2 Minute to Clarity

You know you have to do something with those ideas in your head!


  • you try to get it sorted out you find it overwhelming and are not sure how you can make it happen
  • you play around with a few different ways to bring your idea to life but struggle with which plan to choose 
  • you start mulling over all of the what-ifs and why your idea isn't actually going to work out 

Sometimes all we need is just a minute to move forward because change can happen very quickly when we have a starting point. 

A starting point means getting your questions answered, receiving feedback, and leading you into action. 

Sometimes you need someone that can help you 

  • get clarity 
  • give support 
  • helps understand priorities 

You do not need to schedule a zoom season, all you need is Voxer and 10 days and two minutes (or 5) to hash things out. 

Here are the kinds of questions my clients discuss with me via Voxer every day:

  • How can I take this idea I have and make it a reality? 
  • What strategy will work best to actually get something done? 
  • How do move forward when I am overwhelmed and stuck? 
  • Which idea should I choose? 
  • How do stay focused when I have a million ideas?

So what exactly is Voxer?

Voxer is a free walkie-talkie app that allows for smooth, casual, yet intimately deep conversations to flow so you can share your vision and ask burning questions without interruption. It's incredibly flexible because you don't need to make time on your calendar for another zoom meeting. 

Voxer is amazing for coaching for SO MANY REASONS!!!

It allows for longer voice notes than just about anywhere else.

It makes accessing the recording super simple.

So how will this work? 

  1. You sign up for 2 Minutes of Clarity 
  2. You fill out the questions so I can get a picture of where you are with your idea
  3. You Vox me on Voxer and let me know when you want your 10 days to start! This also helps ensure that we are connected
  4.  I will take your answers and create a pdf for you that will help you take action toward making your idea a reality. 

This is for anyone that has had an idea! 

Ideas usually mean 

  • writing a book + self-publish
  • creating a coloring book
  • turning art into a business 
  • creating a service business 
  • learn a new skill 
  • start a podcast 
  • begin a YouTube Channel
  • and many many more 

But who am I? 

I am Petra - Artist, Author, and Rebel! I don't love labels but for human understanding, I realize they are necessary I share this with you because my favorite way to explain what I do is: "I do what I want". If I want to make art, I make art, I want to write a book, I write a book. I want to go for a hike, run, concert, or nap - that is what I do. I also love helping people and supporting them with their dreams, goals, and creative work. 

For a long time, people told me that I couldn't have the cake and eat it too - meaning that I had to get a college degree, work a job until retirement and then wait for life to be over. All I knew though is that isn't how I wanted my life to be because it sounded lame. I didn't live through foster care and land in a new country to just allow my past to continuously control my life. And when my son was then diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder and faced death in the process of barely making it out of three liver transplant surgery, I knew I could no longer live life according to everyone else's rules and had to create my own. 

And it all came to a head when I found myself unemployed from my therapy job and decided to go all in on my dreams. I started writing books, creating coloring books, making art, and began coaching and consulting. When you work with me, you get someone who will hold space for you, share strategies that you can explore, and support you in designing your life the way you want. 

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