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Write a Book Planner

Did you always think about writing a book and making it part of your "one-day" to-do list? 

Or maybe you've casually mentioned in brief moments that your goal is to write a book? 

You've been thinking about and really want to do it but you're getting caught up in how much time and effort this is going to be. 

Well, how about you're done with making the excuses of why you couldn't write that book right now!

With proper planning and execution, you can start that writing process right now! 

And just think how good it will feel when you launch that book you only thought possible in your dreams! 

Inside the Write a Book Planner you will 

  • Choose a topic for your book
  • Brainstorm Chapter Ideas 
  • Create a short + simple outline 
  • Decide on your word count and deadline
  • Create a writing schedule 
  • Curate Content you already have 
  • Decide if drafting on the go is for you 
  • Explore Talking + Transcribing as an option
  • Drip your content out paid or unpaid week-by-week 

You can work through the Write a Book Planner content in a day or over the weekend and be on your way to writing your first book! 

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