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Content Creation + Repurposing Templates

Content Creation + Repurposing Templates

Plan and research your content not only boosts your credibility but it makes it easier to be visible and sell products and therefore make more money.   Brainstorming allows you to gather and prepare all the components of your content. It is essential to create a rock-solid outline for your content.

But don't use your content just once! Repurpose your content by repackaging it into something new by changing the intended recipient, the format the content appears in, or by combining it with other content.

Inside are quick guides to help you plan, research, and brainstorm your content and then repurpose it for additional uses - so you never run out of content. So just what is inside Content Creation + Repurposing Templates:

Online Research Best Practices to help you stay on track while doing your research! 

Statistics and Quotation Resources so that you can add statistics or thought-provoking quotes to keep your readers engaged.

30 TYpes of Content and Ways to Come Up with New Content Ideas for a quick and easy way to help you stop struggling with your content. 

30 Ways to Get Other People to Create Content for You because you don't have to do it all alone You can save time and have amazing content.

Worksheets and Templates to help you create your content 

55 Ways to Repurpose Your Content with additional worksheet templates. 

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