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Sales Funnel Profits

Sales Funnel Profits

Are You Using this Simple Strategy to Make Continual Sales in Your Business (Without Burning Out)?

It's time to stop painstakingly driving leads into your business and start making sales automatically with a simple sales funnel!

Here’s how this whole “making sales” thing works for most successful online business owners…

You spend weeks (or months) developing and prepping an offer for launch. You lead-free challenges, offer up your best tips & tricks on webinars and do everything you can to get more of the “right” people on your mailing list.  Then, you finally pull the trigger and “swing open” the doors to your next big thing.

Your audience loves what you’re up to and you start to sell. Best case scenario? You make a lot of money–and quickly.

But over time…

The cart closes, the carefully-crafted sales emails stop and you’d rather hide under the covers all day than lead one more webinar or “hop on” Instagram to tell the world about your wonderful offer ever again.

And as a result? Sales dry up.

Whether it’s because you’re too busy (or exhausted) to try to bring in new leads…

Or you’re still trying to sell, but your audience isn’t biting because they’re “fatigued” from your last launch or promotion (they get tired, too!)…

Or you don’t have the time or energy to market anything because you’re off delivering the product or service you just sold. (I mean, how are you supposed to coach clients on Zoom, answer questions in your hyper-active paid Facebook group or respond to emails–AND continue to sell your services?)

No matter which scenario resonates with you most, the outcome is the same: You’re (once again) on the “famine” side of the infamous entrepreneurial feast or famine rollercoaster. And so the whole dance starts all over again.

And you’re left wondering (again): “What can I do differently? There has got to be a better way.”

Well, here’s the deal: there IS a better way to generate sales…and it’s called a sales funnel.

Sales Funnels Are the “Secret” to Ending the Feast or Famine Cycle!

Now, before you run for the hills, let me get real with you: The term “sales funnel” sounds intimidating. I get it.

But it’s really just a fancy technical phrase for how you turn prospects into paying customers. That’s it!

But here’s why that matters to you:

Sales funnels are VERY DIFFERENT than launches. They’re also different from organic marketing (or the whole “post and pray without an actual plan” strategy).

While launches might give your biz a quick (and big!) cash injection a few times a year, sales funnels can do a lot of incredible things behind the scenes, like:

  • Bring new leads into your business 
  • Help you make money on autopilot (Imagine actually waking up to new Stripe or PayPal notifications every morning–and not from a client paying an invoice, but from a brand new customer!)
  • Fill your calendar with Discovery calls–and even sell your offers without ever having to “hop on the phone”
  • Create an avenue to sell more of whatever you already have

And so much more!

Right now you might be thinking, “Yeah, I know all that and it sounds great, but…” and I get it.

Maybe you’ve seen how complex & complicated OTHER PEOPLE’S sales funnels look and think you could never create something that slick or fancy.

Or maybe you don’t even know what you’d sell in your “sales funnel” (like, what offers can you actually sell in an automated way?)…
Or maybe you have absolutely zero tech skills & cringe at the thought of setting it all up (especially the whole “automation” part)…
The truth is sales funnels can be as long and complicated or as short as simple as you’d like.

And either way? They work–when you do them right.
Get The Proven Roadmap to Make Your Sales Funnel Dreams a Reality!
Odds are if you’re here, you’ve at least thought about creating a funnel. 

You might’ve even tried to go it alone or reverse engineer your own by dissecting some fancy superstar entrepreneur’s funnel.

But what if I told you you don’t have to guess your way through?

If you’re ready to put a clear, concise path in path that guides your prospects to your product and turns leads into sales–automatically–this is for you.

Sales Funnel Profits: How to Use the Power of Automation to Sell with Ease

In this step-by-step course, you’ll discover exactly how to set up a simple sales funnel that attracts and nurtures leads and transforms prospects into paying customers on autopilot. 

You’ll learn how to:
✓    Create a simple sales funnel that you can (mostly) set & forget
✓    Choose & price the perfect, no-brainer offer for your funnel 
✓    Map out a profit-producing funnel & start driving traffic to it quickly
✓    Automate every piece possible so you can get your time & energy back

Here’s a deeper look at what you can expect to learn inside this 4 lessons, self-paced course…

Lesson 1: Choose the Right Low-Touch, High-ROI Offer 

Not all sales funnels are complex or complicated. In Lesson 1, you’ll learn how to keep your sales funnel simple, as well as choose the perfect product for your funnel based on your unique business goals.

Lesson 1 will dig into…

✓    How to simplify your sales funnel (see ya, overwhelm!)
✓    Why it pays to work backwards when building your funnel–plus the easy (and exact) way to do it.
✓    The top ways entrepreneurs accidentally make their funnel creation harder–and how you can avoid these costly mistakes.
✓    How to choose a sizzling offer for your perfect-fit clients based on your unique business goals–plus a breakdown of the most popular & easiest-to-deliver offers you can swipe right now!
✓    How to create a profitable sales funnel even if you don’t have the time (or desire!) to craft a new offer.
✓    What all sales funnels have in common– plus how to identify your offer “sweet spot” so you’re ecstatic to promote it.

Lesson 2: Price Your Offer Perfectly & Get People to Buy

Now that you know what to offer, the next question is: But how much should it cost? Yep, it's time to talk pricing. Lesson 2 delivers a simple (of course!) strategy for pricing your funnel offer and teaches you how to combine scarcity, urgency, and this perfect pricing strategy to actually turn a profit.

Lesson 2 covers…

✓    Why high-end pricing isn’t for everyone–and how to determine the best price for your offer.
✓    How to create urgency and get people excited to buy your offer right now rather than putting it off until later.
✓    A repeatable & reliable pricing strategy you can use for your first–or 40th–funnel (spoiler alert: you should never pull an arbitrary number out of thin air!)
✓    How not to scare your prospects away when pricing your products–and what you need to convey to make your customers feel like they got a total steal.
✓    How to embrace automation to make your funnel work smoothly and seamlessly

Lesson 3: Map Out Your Automated Sales Funnel

Lesson 3 will teach you a fool-proof way to map out your sales funnel from start to profit-producing finish. One big mistake business owners make is creating sales funnels that have too many “pathways” to the product for sale. Lesson 3 will walk you through how to create a CLEAR and easy-to-understand path from your free content to your juicy offer. (Because a confused prospect doesn’t buy!) If you want your funnel to run in the background and bring in cash flow without taking you out of your flow, you need this information.

Lesson 3 digs into…

✓    The anatomy of a basic sales funnel–aka exactly what’s included and how to make sure it turns a profit.
✓    The simple 3-step system you can use to map out your first or next funnel–in just one afternoon.
✓    How to create a super juicy lead magnet people sign up for like crazy–and how to deliver it without lifting a finger.
✓    Free content strategies you can use to lead people into your funnel & how to choose the best one for you.
✓    Crafting sexy automated email sequences that turn words into wealth–plus a breakdown of the simple 7-day sequence you can use to start raking in the dough ASAP.

Lesson 4: How to Effortlessly Flood Your Funnel with the Right Leads

Congratulations–you have an offer, a price and a basic funnel set up and automated. Now, how do you get people into your funnel so they can actually start purchasing? Lesson 4 dives into the various funnel-filling tactics you already have at your fingertips. We’ll pick apart the ins and outs of organic and paid traffic so you can craft a unique plan for attracting your perfect-fit clients. You’ll also learn expert tricks for embracing (rather than fearing) the spotlight and self-promotion!

In Lesson 4, we’ll cover… 

✓    The time or money debate: how to decide when to pay for prospects and when to put in extra time creating free content (or both!) 
✓    Wooing prospects with your free content–whether its blog posts, podcast interviews or social media posts.
✓    The top 3 ways to use Facebook to put your offer in front of the right people & drive traffic to your lead magnet.
✓    The basics of Facebook ads & how to create a high-converting ad at the lowest cost.
✓    Testing and tracking your results –you’ll learn exactly what metrics to follow so you don’t throw good money after bad.

Buy now $97

Stop Waiting for the “Perfect Time” to Create Your Funnel!

Look, I’m not here to promise that you’re just “one funnel away” from never having to work again.

Automated funnels require work, too. 

But what I will say is that if you don’t have an automated funnel running behind the scenes in your business, you’re leaving thousands on the table and unnecessarily burning yourself out in the process. 

Trust me, once you dive into this course, you’ll quickly realize sales funnels don’t require nearly as many bells & whistles as you’ve been lead to believe to be effective. 

Instead, this course will help you up a simple sales funnel as quickly as possible in an automated way that requires minimal upkeep. (Because you’re a busy business owner–and you’ve got better things to do try to start a sales conversation with every person who “Likes” your Instagram posts. Just saying.)

Create your next funnel with this course & you will…

✓    Literally, get paid for building your audience
✓    Watch fresh, perfect-fit leads roll into your business every single day
✓    Never have to stress about where your next discovery call is coming from (and maybe even get your baseline income covered without having to think about it at all)
✓    Free up your schedule so you have more time to create, deliver your products & live your life!

Your first (or next) sales funnel in only a few short lessons away. 

So, if you’ve ever thought…

“I’m so over chasing people down in the DMs to book discovery calls. I know there’s gotta be an easier way.”
“If only someone could show me how to set up a SIMPLE sales funnel…”
“I can’t wait until the day I have enough time to create my funnel and get out of this crazy feast or famine cycle…”

Well, it’s time to stop thinking and start doing. 

All you have to do is follow along.

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