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Productivity Blueprint

Productivity Blueprint

I'm super excited that the 30 days to better productivity challenge.

In this challenge, you will learn about the different ways you can be productive (get things done) without needing to appear or feel busy all the time.

Every day you're going to get an email from me that gives you a few tips and tricks as well as provides a link to the lesson here that provides! 

Let's get started boosting your productivity now!

31 Modules

What Does Productivity Mean to You?

Nope: Productivity and Being Busy Are Not the Same

The Only Action That Matters

Schedule Your Breaks or You Won't

The Importance Of "Why"

5 Household Management Tips

How And Why You Must Remove Distractions

The Secrets to Time Management and Why You Need It

Yes! You Can Automate That

How to Create an Effective To-Do List

How to Be Realistic About Time

How to Use the Right Tools and Technology for Your Business

Learn to Say No to Be More Productive

How to Find Your Most Productive Hours

How to Outsource to Save You More Time

Learn to Create Realistic Schedules

Get Your Goals into Your Calendar

6 Habits That Are Destroying Your Productivity

How Sleep Impacts Your Productivity

Top Productivity Tools to Try

The Importance of Continued Learning in Life and Business

5 Rituals to Boost Your Energy and Productivity

Deprioritize Non-Essential Tasks: Know What's Important

How and Why Getting Rid of Things That You Don't Need Frees You

Be More Accountable and Consistent, Share Your Goals

The Impact of Music on Productivity

Eat the Frog! How That's Actually Great for Business

Delegate More Effectively: 5 Tips

5 Ways Mentors Can Keep You on Track and Lead You to Success

How To Manage Your Energy

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