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Rebel Incubator

Rebel Incubator

You have ideas, dreams, and goals! 

And if you just knew how to get there, things would be so much easier!

Hi, I'm Petra Monaco.

You probably don't know me but for the last 18 years, I've been following my ideas, dreams, and goals to see where they lead me. That also means that I stumbled a lot, failed a bit, doubted myself like mad, got back up, and kept going. 

All of this allowed me to learn, embrace and grow in many ways and achieve quite a few things: 

  • Going to College getting my degree in Mental Health Counseling 
  • Writing several books and designing coloring books 
  • Make art from wood-burnings to paintings to jewelry 
  • Starting a business giving dreams the path to reality for clients 
  • Got certified in goal and mindset coaching 
  • Helped people in their business with technical support 
  • Became certified in facilitating workshops for a wellness program 

Somewhere along the line it also became my mission to help creatives, rebels, introverts, and multi-passionates to do the same with their own passion and purpose. 

Does This Sound Familiar?

You're frustrated with spending WAY too much time trying doubting, wondering, and feeling overwhelmed unsure where to begin.  

You get online do some quick research, find yourself watching a bunch of videos only to come to the end of the day with no progress. 

You save and bookmark blog posts, videos, and anything else you think you need

You can't imagine getting started before you have all the knowledge and everything is just right and perfect and some miracle pixie dust is sprinkled on you in just the right moment. 

You've invested so much in your passion and purpose but nothing is happening

You simply don’t know what else to do and some days you feel like giving up.

There’s a Solution:

Introducing The Rebel Incubator!

I created the Rebel Incubator to be the space where you come to learn, grow and implement - thus giving you a path to make your dreams a reality! 

It is THE place where ideas become something solid with a plan! Where creatives, rebels, introverts, and multi-passionates receive support and guidance as they lean into their passion and purpose. It’s also where you’ll be held accountable not just by me but also by your peers!

How does the Rebel Incubator Work?

Each month there'll be a new theme/topic for you to explore and focus on. Curated Content and a private community for you to ask questions, share your progress and join the discussions and take action! 

You can choose from different paths because I am a huge fan of meeting you where you are! 

What will you get: 

Path 1:

  • Monthly Curated Content
  • Field Notes from my own personal experience
  • Weekly Office Hours in our private community 
  • Monthly Workshops 

Path 2: 

  • Monthly Curated Content
  • Field Notes from my own personal experience
  • Weekly Office Hours in our private community
  • Action Plan developed by me
  • Monthly Workshops
  • Monthly Courses 

Path 3: 

  • Monthly Curated Content
  • Field Notes from my own personal experience
  • Weekly Office Hours in our private community
  • Action Plan developed by me
  • Monthly Workshops
  • Monthly Courses
  • Promo Post Weekly - Once a week you get to promote your business outside of the promo thread
  • Build Your Email List - Share your free gift with the community every Wednesday 
  • Featured in our Bi-Weekly Email - connect with The Rebels Den Email List Subscribers
  • Featured in the Business Directory - have your business listed in The Rebels Den Directory
  • Featured Business Spotlight  YouTube Interview that gets posted all over the Rebels Den Social Media 
  • Be an Affiliate and earn a 50% commission for every member that joins
  • Be a Presenter in our Annual Rebel Shine Summit - date to be determined
  • Private Community for Members only - this is not on Facebook but part of my Circle space!
  • Quarterly Mastermind Calls to connect, set our goals, and get support on challenges 

The 30-minute 1:1 call can be used anytime during the year you are a member! Pay in Full Option for the year - gets a 30-minute Volley Conversation with me! 

If you are a member for 6 months you will get access to the 12 Month Marketing Plan with Templates, Checklist and Planners 

Please note that you do not get access to everything all at once and that is by design and on purpose! There's a tendency to get overwhelmed with being bombarded by having all of the information. What you see in the grid below is for path 1 - path 2 and 3 are inside the membership in their own designated spaces that you will automatically get access to. 

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