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You don't always need to reinvent the wheel

You don't always need to reinvent the wheel

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Marketing Blog Post Kit

If you have a business, I believe you also need a website and a blog on your website, which means constantly creating new articles! 

And the reason is simple, you can share your blog post in a newsletter and on social media, to redirect them to your website so that they can explore what you have to offer.  

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The Marketing Blog Post Kit is also part of the Marketing Swipe File Bundle

Email Marketing Kit

Email marketing plays a big role and I know that it can be daunting on knowing what to write and how to write that next email, and this is where the email marketing kit will help you! 

Inside you will find template emails such as welcome sequences, nurture your subscribers, write out your product launch emails, and have those challenging conversations with your clients. 

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The Email Marketing Kit is also part of the Marketing Swipe File Bundle

Marketing Sales Page Kit

It can be challenging to figure out what to write on your Sales pages and can leave the page blank for days, which means no sales are coming in.

But now you don't have to. Use the content templates to help you write your sales page to grow your business.  

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The Marketing Sales Page Kit is also part of the Marketing Swipe File Bundle

Content Creation + Repurposing Templates

Plan and research your content not only boosts your credibility but it makes it easier to be visible and sell products and therefore make more money. Repurpose your content by repackaging it into something new by changing the intended recipient, the format the content appears in, or by combining it with other content.

Inside are quick guides to help you plan, research, and brainstorm your content and then repurpose it for additional uses - so you never run out of content.

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Social Media Marketing Kit

Never run out of content ideas for your social media with the completely customizable prompts so you know exactly what to say to attract new clients and distributors every day. 

Inside the Social Media Marketing Kit find templates for Information Sharing, Promo Templates, Extra Templates, and Daily Social Media Content you can use to share with your audience and stop pondering what to write.

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The  Social Media Marketing Kit is also part of the Marketing Swipe File Bundle

Worksheet, Checklist and To Do List Printables

Printables come in all shapes and sizes and have a wide variety of uses, many of which can help you streamline processes, make quick work of completing tasks and increase profits.

What are printables? Printables are things designed for the purpose of downloading and printing such as; color pages, art projects, patterns or designs, planners, spreadsheets, journals and calendars. They can also be worksheets, checklists, and to-do lists.

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Marketing and Promotions Planning Template

The Marketing and Promotions Planning Templates will make it easy for you to plan out your next product and promotion.

Planning ahead in this way is the best way to help take your business to the next level. It will serve as a roadmap of what you need to do, and when. If you are working with other people, such as colleagues or joint venture partners, it keeps everyone on the same page.

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Marketing Template Swipe Files Bundle

Have you ever created a new product, that you were so excited about it but the moment you sat down at your desk getting ready to write all the content for it, you were finding it really difficult to come up with the words? 

The Marketing Template Swipe File Bundle will help you stop pondering on what to write for your content and gives you a start that all you have to do is tweak it for your audience.   

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