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Course Launch Bootcamp

Course Launch Bootcamp

Ever wondered how other coaches make “launching” look so simple? What if there was an easy-to-follow, proven system that would allow you to launch like no big deal, too?

Real talk? You’ve been dying to put your new ingenious offer out into the world for months now.

Whether it’s a brand-spankin' new course, a group coaching program, or even an e-book, you’ve had this thing up to your sleeve (or really, in your brain) for what feels like forever.

Sooo…why isn’t it online, out there, and making you money yet?

I’ll tell you why…

It’s all because of the dreaded L-word.


Maybe you’re terrified because you’ve heard colleagues whisper about how “hard” and “stressful” launching is (and make self-deprecating jokes about how they haven’t washed their hair in three days because #launchmode).

Maybe you’ve tried–and failed–to put a launch together by your lonesome–swiping an email for inspiration from this coach here, copying the format of someone else’s sales page there–but truly struggle to see how it all fits together.

Maybe you’ve launched a few times before, but found the experience too intense & loaded with opportunities to drop the ball, disappoint customers & not pull in the profit you desire.

Or maybe you’re actually EXCITED to launch – but just don’t know where to start!

The truth is no matter what’s putting you off from launching, you also realize it’s the only way to get the reach & revenue you crave.

The Truth Is Launching Online Doesn’t Have to Feel Like the Wild West!

There IS an easier way to launch your offers so they pull in a profit every single time.

Want to know what it is?

Launching Successfully Online Boils Down to TWO Things: Knowing What Product Launch Assets to Create *and* How to Create Them So They Sell–That’s It!

It’s true: There is a very specific set of launch assets you need to craft if you want a profitable, powerful launch.

Once you’ve got these assets on lock–aka written, in a timely manner, and in a way your ideal clients can relate to–magic happens: You can put your offer out there with total confidence that you’ll actually get customers, not proverbial crickets.

And when you know this documented system, you, too, can EASILY plan & execute a launch (and yes, all the crazy-scary “copy” that goes with it) that makes bank, over and over again. (Just like “all those other coaches” on Facebook!)


The Course Launch Bootcamp

During this 4-lesson course, you’ll learn how to put together all the product launch assets you need for a profitable launch, step-by-step, from first touchpoint to final sale. By the end, you’ll know exactly how to…

  • Write quality sales pages your customers believe in–and buy from
  • Create a killer launch plan to help you get everything you need out into the world on time
  • Whip up on-brand webinars & other pre-launch content to build buzz–and a deep connection with clients-to-be
  • Make sure you’re reaching your ideal buyers–and get them reaching for their wallets–with every piece of content you put out during launch time
  • Build an audience who already trusts you, through killer teaser content, JV opportunities & more!

Sound good? Then let’s take an in-depth look inside this self-paced course…

Lesson 1: Why Your Sales Page Is Your #1 Launch Tool

Here’s where it all begins, friend: Lesson 1 will teach you exactly how to make sure your sales page is bulletproof – and fun! The truth is, your sales page is everything. It’s the center of your launch universe–and most of your other launch assets will point people back to this prominent page. Which means? It needs to be rock-solid & created specifically to convert browsers to buyers. But don’t worry if that sounds like a foreign language right now: This lesson will help you develop a system for crafting killer sales pages without missing a single step–or sale!

Lesson 2: Everything You Need to Build Powerful Webinars + Videos for Your Launch

Now that you’ve got a sales page, you need to make sure the right people see it! Lesson 2 dives deep into exactly how to create a free video or webinar series that provides value, proves you’re an expert & connects with your ideal clients–while also being directly tied to your paid offering. Dive in & get the down and dirty on exactly how to make your video series sing (albeit not literally–unless that’s your thing!).

Lesson 3: The Top 6 Assets for a Killer Launch Email Funnel

Once you’ve led your prospect through your super valuable video series, some people will still need a little more information to feel confident snapping up your product or service. Lesson 3 will show you how to set up the two successful email funnels you need to get all the clicks and conversions you crave.

Lesson 4: The Ultimate List of Copy Assets for a Phenomenal Product Launch

Your sales page, webinar and email funnels are super important–but they’re not the only pieces of a profitable launch pie. Lesson 4 will help you tie everything together with a breakdown of the other items you need to have in place before you press Go on your launch.

Learn How to Execute a Lucrative Launch–Including Everything, You Need to Create and When!

Plus get support in the Den - a private community!

If you’re ready to make your first or next launch your easiest and most profitable yet & get battle-tested tips for creating incredible launch copy assets that connect and convert (without spending weeks wondering what in the world to create or what to say when you do)…this course was created just for you.

It’s time to learn how to launch easier, my friend.

I’m waiting for you–and so are your ideal clients.

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4 Modules

Why Your Sales Page is Your #1 Launch Tool

This is the center of your launch universe: It’s where most of your other assets point people. It must be rock-solid, or you won’t make conversions. Develop a system and a checklist for your sales page to make sure you don’t miss a single step or advantage.

Powerful Webinars + Videos for Your Launch

A free video series or webinar that’s tied into your paid offering is an incredibly useful tool for sales … but you need the right information and assets to make it work.

The Top Assets for a Killer Launch Email Funnel

To make the most of launch copy assets, you’ll need to create them for two separate funnels: One that points people to your webinar, and one that leads them to your sales page. These funnels will have much the same elements, but serve different (though related) purposes.

Additional Assets for a Product Launch

Your videos/webinar and emails are just the start! Before launch, make sure you’ve got all of these items ready to go.

Modules for this product 4
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