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The Rebel Shine Summit All-Access

The Rebel Shine Summit All-Access

Are You Ready To Love Yourself?

14 days of interviews with amazing speakers on how to love yourself in life and in business!

Get practical insights to improve your life through trusting yourself, intuition, and a positive mindset. Learn from World-Class Inspiring Teachers

The Rebel Shine Summit creates the opportunity to learn from people just like you who are ready to share their own journey and stories of what it means to love yourself and help you create a positive impact on your life, and on those around you.

If this is you, the Rebel Shine Summit is PERFECT for you! The Summit ran from April 26 until May 7th, 2021. 

  • How to Be Your Highest & Best Self 
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Meeting your Intuition
  • Using creativity 
  • Healing Grief 
  • Identify blocks 
  • Be open to receiving more
  • Getting your power back 
  • Meeting your Inner Wisdom 

What can you expect from this Summit?

I am excited to share with you these conversations that I am honored to have about tuning into your intuition, setting boundaries, and trusting your own wisdom.  

In addition to the conversations, speakers are offering free gifts to help honor your needs, embrace self-care, and love yourself. You’ll also get a chance to win prizes.

Speakers that get you!

The Speakers have been where you are now and want to share with you how they created change in their own life. They have walked the walk and understand where you are today. 

A CommunityJoin the community and share your insights, a-ha moments and interact in the discussions.

By Joining the All-Access Pass you get

  • Immediate Access to ALL of the Talks so you can splurge on the videos right away on April 26th, 2021, and not have to wait each day for the talks to be released
  • The Summit Workbook to help you take notes, work through the summit talks and apply the concepts you learned
  • 21-Day Affirmation Journal to help you on the journey of self-love and empower your self-belief
  • Access to all the Speaker's Resources (get support straight from each speaker in implementing what they share with you)

Grab this amazing summit to support you ALL YEAR ROUND for only $97 USD! 

16 Modules

Workbook + Journal

  • The Summit Workbook to help you take notes, work through the summit talks and apply the concepts you learned
  • 21-Day Affirmation Journal to help you on the journey of self-love and empower your self-belief

Brigette Sobus - The Power and Joy Mentor

How to Be Your Highest & Best Self (and tell the 'Itty Bitty Shitty Committee' to Take a Hike!)

Annie Huang - Life Coach & Author

Love yourself by Setting Boundaries

Mary Greenlee - The Virtual Fact Gathering Coach

Love yourself and your family by establishing The Health Info Guide

Eva Goulette - Spirit Camp Leader

Identifying Your Inner Critic and Moving Past Your Blocks

Deidre Sirianni - TEDx Speaker, Leadership Coach, and Spiritual Guide

Discover how to release the blocks that are in the way of you receiving the abundance, influence and impact you desire in your life and business.

Rachel Stone - Women Empowerment Coach for Divorced Moms

How To Get Your Power Back and Rebuild Your Life After Divorce

Jan Revell - Business Coach

Healers need love too - even if you have been doing the work for a long time.

Dr Sandra Hamilton - Life Coach + Rapid Transformational Therapist

Feel the grief to heal and begin the journey to love yourself.

Amy Robbins-Wilson - Angelsong Awakener

What is intuition and how does it help you to love yourself?! 

Monica Armstrong - Spiritual Director

The Feminine divine; 7 Keys to Your Inner wisdom

Katherine E. Soto - Author

Katherine and I talk about creativity and how it guides us to love ourselves. She shares some art projects you can do to embrace creativity. 

Louise VN Liebenberg - Your Fearless Magnificence Coachelor, Self Esteem Coach and Adult Child Syndrome Expert

Are unresolved griefs keeping you from shining, Rebel?

Sheryl Bernstein - The Creative Muse & Be Seen Mentor

Find Your Light ~ Follow Your Joy

Nahkila Isha' - Dive into Self-Love

Dive into Self-Love

Michelle McClintock - Energy Healer & Medical Intuitive

Elevate Your Energy

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