Get It Done Club Co-Working Club

Get It Done Club Co-Working Club

What’s Included in the Get it Done Co-Working Club

Weekly Co-working Sessions

We meet for 60 min on Mondays at 2 pm EST and on Thursdays at 10 am EST, on Zoom. Come to one or both sessions, come every week or skip a week whenever you need to.

Small Commitments

At the start of each session, I’ll invite you to make a small commitment to the group by sharing what you’ll be working on that day. The more specific you are, the easier the focus and getting it done.

We will have Celebrations

At the end of every session, we will each share what we did. No matter how small or how big will be celebrating it all!

Optional Weekly Themes

For folks who’d appreciate some structure, I’ll be offering weekly “themes” such as money, that thing you’ve been avoiding, tasks to take care of Future You, etc. Use the theme or simply work on the task/project of your choice!


I hope that I can create the space that makes you feel seen, supported, and less alone. We will have a private community where you can get support + accountability throughout the week! 

Bonus! Creativity Group

In addition to our twice-weekly coworking sessions, I will also host a monthly two-hour creativity group for you where you get to work on a creative project of yours and have a good ol' chat too! This is also the perfect time to do deep, focused work!

Your Investment in getting things done: 

1 Month $25

3 Months $67

1 Year $257


What happens after I enroll?

You will get an email from me, sent to the email address that’s associated with your Payment account (which you used to register), and that email will contain simple instructions for how to join all of our coworking sessions.  

When are the hour-long coworking sessions?

Mondays at 2 PM EST  

Thursdays at 10am EST 

When are the two-hour writing/crafting/creativity group sessions?

These once-a-month sessions will be from 11am - 1pm EST - and these are posted in our private community!

What if I can’t make it to some of the sessions?

That is totally fine! There is zero pressure here. Come to one session a week, both sessions each week, skip a week whenever you need to.

Can I come late or leave early?

When you join us for a session my only request is that you arrive on time (or within a few minutes of the start). That way we are all there at the beginning to share our commitments with each other, and we can all benefit from the full shared experience. You are of course welcome to leave early, but know that in doing so you’ll miss the little celebration circle at the end!

Do I have to keep my video turned on?

While having your video on creates togetherness and energy that helps us shift - I will not force or require your video to be on.  

What should I work on during these sessions?

Whatever would feel most helpful for you! I particularly like to use group coworking sessions for things that I have been avoiding (emails I’m scared to send, phone calls or tasks that I’ve been procrastinating on, etc) because the presence of other people makes it way more fun, and makes me feel much less alone. The repeated act of showing up with other people each week, of working alongside each other to do the things we say we’re going to do, is more powerful than I ever knew. That’s why I created this program to give anyone who needs it a consistent container of focus and support. You get to choose one month, 3 months or a whole year. You will know what you want and need! 

And I would so love the chance to show up for you in this way!

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