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The Rebel Experience

The Rebel Experience

Do you have dreams of unleashing your ideas into the world and making life an experience that makes space for 

  • Time with your friends and family
  • Time to create your create and bring your ideas to life
  • Time to experience the freedom you are craving? 

I can help you.

Because I’ve done exactly that.

  • Every day I get to choose what I want to do
  • Every day I do what I want 
  • Every day I get to experience life with family and friends and do what I love 

And here’s the thing, the world needs what you have to offer. 

Those ideas that come to you are given to you because you are the one meant to bring them to life other people can experience them too! 

  • I want to see you go from just talking about your idea to taking action 
  • I want to help you get out of your own way and experience life 
  • I want you to achieve your dreams and goals 

I’ve done it. I know you can too.

The Rebel Experience is working with me 1:1! 

3 Modules

Buy Me Coffee

Ditch the zoom calls! All you need to do is buy me a coffee and get your questions answered! 

Let’s Do it

Goal Setting Session

1 Hour of Volley Session with me because you've already waited long enough to know that "one day" and "someday" aren't actually going to happen. It's time to set goals that light you up and tackle the thoughts and excuses trying to get in the way.

Let’s Do it

Volley is a video messaging app that enables meaningful on-demand conversation and connection between individuals, teams, groups, and communities.

90 Days with Petra

We hang out on the volley app for the duration of your choosing (Mon-Fri) to help you define your goals, uncover your blocks and get you clear on the action needed to move you forward.  

✓ 1:1 access to me Monday through Friday from your chosen start date via the Volley App

✓ Get the clarity you need throughout our time together.  

✓ Get in-depth feedback on anything you’d like reviewed  

✓ Weekly goal setting and accountability check-ins to ensure you’re making the progress you need to reach your goals  

✓ Private Forum that only you and I can access with notes and resources you will have access to for 1 year. Resources are the tools + strategy I have to help you move your life and business forward! 

Let’s Do it

Modules for this product 3

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