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Business Starter

Business Starter

You've been dreaming about it

It's time to make it happen

You are still waiting for the right moment to start or have been itching to revamp or even reinvent your business despite being so incredibly talented and hardworking. And you've been holding back because 

  • You don't know where to start 
  • You don't know how to set up all the technical things
  • You don't know how all that marketing works 

You know your idea is good, you're passionate about it - I mean you've only been dreaming about it what feels like your entire life. 

The Business Starter helps you get started with building the framework for your business, with strategy and the technical things like building a website. 

If you're here, know that you definitely deserve to have a business that works for you, your life, and the things you are passionate about!

If you’re done with wondering what kind of business you will start, what product and or services you will offer, start doing what makes you giddy when you think about it, and you are ready to say YES...

YES to knowing what your business is all about
YES to understanding what product and/or services you will offer
YES to knowing how you will market your business

I've been in business since 2005 and through this journey, I learned a thing or two. And here's the thing, I started a few businesses that failed - but the thing is I didn't know or understand my motivation, the things that I am really good at, the stuff that lights me up, and of course how to confidently share what I do and let people know how they can work with me. 

Which was problematic when going to a j-o-b felt out of the questions. 

Creatives (The artists and the makers), multi-passionates (the ones with a lot of interests), spiritual light works find it challenging to sell - but by golly how in the heck are you going to make an impact in YOUR life and the lives you come in contact with if YOU don't make offers for them to purchase in a way that feels good to YOU but still has strategy behind it all. 

Inside the Business Starter, you will learn 

  • My Business Story
  • Your Business Consideration
  • Type of Business and ways to make money
  • Give it a name
  • Who are your people?
  • Pricing Your Work
  • Marketing + Selling
  • Drafting a Business Plan

But you will also get access to the WordPress Workshop, Email Marketing Workshop, Time Management Workshop, and the Introductory Course of doing Your Business Your Way with 16 Modules to help you build on your business framework!

Pay in Full Bonus: Get instant access to the Monthly Marketing Tools 

Payment Plan: You will get access to the Monthly Marketing Tools when all payments have been received! A payment plan is 3 Payments of $67 is available.


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I am all in. I'm going to show up, do the work, and make this happen! I give Petra and the TRD team permission to give me love, advice, or a digital kick in the rear, as needed. (I also agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy)

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