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Pitch Your Business Idea

Pitch Your Business Idea

Have you ever gone on a camping trip without figuring out the details?

While an unplanned trip can be a great time, odds are that you may not consider some things that can make this adventure really challenging!

The same can be said about when you have a ton of business ideas and you either don't act on them because it's so overwhelming, or you just take action without planning things out for yourself and then find yourself in a business that either doesn't light you up or it's so amazing that you feel overwhelmed with all the things that need doing.

Just like with a camping trip, there are so many places to choose from - and the same goes for your business idea!

And here's the thing, you can either just continue to dream about it, or sit with your computer ready to go except you are staring into space because it can all just be so overwhelming.

Every day you have a choice in how you want to plan out your trip (aka your life) and pick a path.

You can keep wondering if your business idea will work, struggling with all the tech to make it happen or leap from one idea to another


You can trust your internal GPS system, follow the path that lights you up with confidence and build a business you don't need a vacation from.

If you are done getting lost and wondering about it, then you're in the right place.

You can turn your idea into a business. And all of those other ideas, well don't discard them just yet - because I believe that all ideas we receive are meant for us - and may become useful down the line!

You may have been churning at your idea for quite some time, wondering if it can be turned into a business - I know this because I have been there.

I've had several businesses in my lifetime already - from desktop publishing to bookkeeping and I landed on writing books, making art, and helping people.

The challenge always seems to be how to pull it off and make it work. And let's not forget the technical things that need to be sorted.

It's real easy to not follow an idea - especially if you don't know which one to choose - and just keep going with the way you are, while having this constant nagging feeling there's more for you and your life.

So many times there's this doubt of

  • Did I make the right choice with my idea?
  • Who would buy from me?
  • Will I be able to stay consistent?
  • Who do I think I am trying to do this?
  • Can I really pull this off?

I am not going to sugarcoat it and tell you that it will all be smooth driving without any challenges. What I will tell you is that if you are determined, embrace the challenges that you'll face, and be consistent, it will absolutely pay off.

We are programmed to follow a system of "go to high school, go to college, get a job, work until retirement, and die" and I know you are here because you know you are meant for more.

The programming we've been listening to has us believing that "yes you can follow your dreams" and then when you do you hear "no not like that".

And honestly, you are fighting yourself more than you are fighting the system.

It's up to you to decide if you will listen to your inner GPS system, map out your business idea and be consistent in putting yourself out there to share your offerings.

You can do great things when you have

  • The support to hash out your ideas and get feedback so you can stop wondering
  • The guidance on what actions to take so you can stop getting lost in your journey
  • The strategies are laid out so you can show up and do your thing 

When you finally decide that today is the day, that you will stop wondering and worrying about your idea and embrace the journey about to ensue, there will be pitstops where you are in awe of what you have created.

Plan your Business Idea is the framework of getting your business idea off the ground and start pitching it - like you would a tent - after carefully planning the who, what, and how. But more than anything it's calling you in to take action.

Together we will

  • Explore your business idea and hash it out in full detail
  • Follow tutorials to start building your business
  • Learn strategies to put yourself out there and share your offerings

When everything is set in place and you are ready to e fully engaged in your adventure, your business will be listed on the Marketplace and promoted to the Rebels Den Community!

If you are ready to then join the Plan your Business Idea and get

  • Weekly office hours
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Video Library
  • Private Community


  • Checklists, workbooks, planners
  • Marketplace to share your business, freebie, offer, membership 

The Pitch Your Business Idea kicks off on September 1, 2022!

Pre-Work will be the Business Framework and you will get access on August 15th, 2022!

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Here's what I know to be true: 

  • When you follow your ideas amazing things can happen.
  • When you stop doubting yourself you embrace who you are.
  • When you start taking action the world opens up.

I turned my hobby into a business in 2005 selling my art, started writing books in 2009, and started coaching + consulting in 2013. Each and every time following one idea and see where it led me.

I had other businesses too that didn't survive very long for various reasons such as:

  • Desktop publishing didn't light me up
  • The Brick-and-mortar store was too confining
  • Bookkeeping was too drab and boring

Even though I excelled at all of those things, they didn't bring me joy and the excitement one would have going on an adventure. I crave freedom and experiences and something that I've heard time and again is people telling me why they can't do this, that, or the other.

And I get it because I too have made excuses over the excuse of why I could not build a business based on my ideas.

But I also know this: 

It is absolutely painful to not follow your business idea. And ideas may change over time (as you see my own journey) but you will never know any of it if you don't take the leap and trust yourself.

  • Clarity comes from taking action.
  • Taking action leads to success.
  • Success leads to a joyful and fun life.

There are 365 days in a year and you get to choose how you show up every single day. You get to decide to show up doing what you love, make an impact in this world, and do it all by your own rules.

"One day" and "someday" are not found on the calendar for a reason - stop looking for them and start taking the leap into your own adventure!

The Pitch Your Business Idea kicks off on September 1, 2022!

Pre-Work will be the Business Framework and you will get access on August 15th, 2022!

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