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Rebel Giveaway - 9/20 - 10/1

Rebel Giveaway - 9/20 - 10/1

The Rebels Den is a community for creatives, rebels, multi-passionate with a mission to change the world. Here at The Rebels Den, we are excited to shine the spotlight on you and help you grow your audience.

We believe that you are here for a purpose and the world needs to know about it. We know what it’s like to start out and not being able to participate in Online Events due to the email list size requirement. 

I am teaming up with coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs like you to share your gifts with the world because everyone deserves to create a life that’s filled with purpose and meaning.

Be part of giveaways that make sense to you and your people and if you help people with the following:

  • Mindset: Limiting beliefs, blocks + excuses
  • Health: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, or Personal
  • Creativity: Pursuit of Passion or Interests
  • Business: Getting started, refine + grow
  • Productivity: Get things done + time management
  • Relationship: Personal or Professional
  • Wealth: Financial savviness
  • Home: Organization + Declutter

Let’s talk a bit more about your gift!

Your Free Gift is required for everyone that signs up via the Giveaway Opt-in page. This is for an unlimited amount of people and they get access when they sign up for it. Your Free gift can be a tool, template, training, script, video, meditation, exercise, recipe. It’s not meant for a service or coaching!

You will have the option to do a raffle for people that sign up for your gift. Here you get to set limits and decide how many people can fin your raffle gift. This can be additional tools, templates, trainings, scripts, videos, meditations, exercises, recipes, coaching, or service.

All gifts must help everyday people create their best year and include topics around how to eat better, improve sleep, heal emotional and physical pain, start a mindful or yoga routine, mindset for a positive outlook, connect to intuition, divine interpretation, and more.

We will have one giveaway event per month (click here for the complete list of events) – The Subscriber minimum is 100 and limited to 15 contributors. The investment for each giveaway is $97 and your one-time offer can be of equal or lesser value. The first 5 people for each giveaway will be placed on the thank you page!

If you do not have your pages you can get it done for you + join the Giveaway. This means I will do this for you and connect all of the pieces plus a 30-minute strategy session for $297!

Being in business means always focus on growing your list because if you do not, you are missing out on creating the life you want while also making an impact in the world.

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