Coaching + Business Support

Coaching + Business Support

Create the Life you want + Change the world while you’re at it!

I help freedom-seeking Rebels + Creatives + Multi-Passionates get clear on their goals, create a plan to stay on track so they can create the change they want in their life – and change the world while they’re at it. 

Whether it is problem-solving in life or business, providing accountability to get things done, or technical support to reduce overwhelm, frustration can be a thing of the past  

Get the support to really show up for yourself and watch yourself get closer to your dreams + goals.

How I can help

There’s a lot going on in your life and you’re constantly feeling overwhelmed. It can be a real struggle showing up as the best version of yourself as your motivation, concentration, and confidence bounce around like a pinball out of control.

You want to create the life you want and that means taking important steps in your life but all the frustration and overwhelm get in the way.

You find it difficult to make decisions that will take you to the next level in your life and/or business. You just don’t know where to start or what to do next.

You know what your want to do, but when you think about taking the first steps, fear stops you in your tracks.


6 Modules

Voxer Coaching

Voxer Coaching is a great alternative when time can be a challenge but you still want to get clarity around your life or business.

4 Week Voxer Coaching

Voxer Coaching is a great alternative when time can be a challenge but you still want motivation, accountability and support. 

Web Design

Can you run a business without a website, sure. But if you are relying on social media to share what you do and grow your income, and one-day social media goes kaput – then what? Don’t put your eggs into a basket that isn’t yours. 

Done for you Funnel Set Up

Get your funnel set up from Landing page to one time offer to thank you page and more

Full Course Set up

You’re an expert in your field but NOT an expert when it comes to all this tech stuff. You've done the work to create your course but now you're facing the challenge of setting it up.

Giveaway + Summit Support

You know that hosting a summit or a giveaway can help you gain more connections, leads, and money. But the technical aspect of things is just incredibly overwhelming. I can help you!

Modules for this product 6
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