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Create Your Life Giveaway 6/21 – 7/9

Create Your Life Giveaway 6/21 – 7/9

I don’t know about you but I had a lot of stories I told myself of why I couldn’t create the life I wanted – until one day my son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder and our life went a bit crazy for a bit. 

But when you’re trying to get started, it can be really tough to find. the tools and resources that can help you and the giveaway is the spot where we can combine free gifts for people to finally make the decision to create the life they want. And it isn’t going to look the same for everyone. 

And let’s be honest, you want to help people and it can be a bit of a challenge to find those that may need your services the most. And this is why the Create Your Life Giveaway was created so you can jump in front of the people and make that connection to share your mission, passion, and expertise with them.

And my guess is that you are a life or wellness + health coach, energy healer, medium, personal development mentor who is not business-to-business oriented but rather for every day people who could benefit from the work that you do – and it can be a challenge to get the word out.

I am teaming up with coaches, healers, and mentors like you to share your gifts with the world because everyone deserves to create a life that feels amazing. 

I want you part of this giveaway and if you help people with the following:

  • Mindset: Limiting beliefs, blocks + excuses
  • Health: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, or Personal
  • Creativity: Pursuit of Passion or Interests
  • Business: Getting started, refine + grow
  • Productivity: Get things done + time management
  • Relationship: Personal or Professional
  • Wealth: Financial savviness 
  • Home: Organization + Declutter 

If something isn’t listed and you’re not sure, email me at

Ready to join the Giveaway? Here are the things you need to know? Take notes!

Promotion Period: June 21st, 2021 – July 9th, 2021

Contributor Fee: $97-197

Email List: Minimum of 100 engaged subscribers. You’ve been emailing them at least once a week as well as making an offer to your list.

Commitment: 3 solo emails + 7 social media posts

Immediate Upsells: 

Upsells to paid programs (or newsletters that contain offers) during the giveaway are not allowed. This also means that you CANNOT make an offer on the thank you page of your free gift or in your funnel. Emails related to the free gift they’ve opted in for and leading up to your launch AFTER the giveaway are ok. 

 **Tripwires and One-time Offers up to $97 are allowed during your opt-in process. If it leads to a Discovery/Strategy Session, the session must be conducted AFTER the giveaway is over.** 

Claim your Space!

It’s time to reserve your spot but that doesn’t happen until you have paid the contributor fee and your intake form has been submitted.

Please know that if your gift isn’t a great match for this giveaway we’ll reach out to you and come up with a solution that makes sense. If that isn’t possible you’ll get your money refunded.

Once you reserve your spot, you will be directed to the Best Year Giveaway Hub (you're here now) where you will find the form to fill out and everything else relates to the giveaway – social media images and swipe copy access.

Let’s talk a bit more about your gift! 

Your Free Gift is required for everyone that signs up via the Giveaway Opt-in page. This is for an unlimited amount of people and they get access when they sign up for it. Your Free gift can be a tool, template, training, script, video, meditation, exercise, recipe. It’s not meant for a service or coaching!

You will have the option to do a raffle for people that sign up for your gift. Here you get to set limits and decide how many people can fin your raffle gift. This can be additional tools, templates, trainings, scripts, videos, meditations, exercises, recipes, coaching, or service.

All gifts must help everyday people create their best year and include topics around how to eat better, improve sleep, heal emotional and physical pain, start a mindful or yoga routine, mindset for a positive outlook, connect to intuition, divine interpretation, and more.

The deadline to join is June 4th, 2021

Links to your pages must be submitted by June 11th, 2021 as we will be testing your link on June 14th, 2021.

Promoting the Giveaway: You will be provided with the promotional email copy, social media posts, and graphics.

The promotion window is June 21st, 2021 - July 9th, 2021. All promo must be done during this time.

Your Raffler Winner Notifications: You must choose a winner and provide me and my team with your winner's full names (first + last) by July 13th, 2021.

You will notify your winner no later than July 19th, 2021.

There will be no one-time offer or tripwires in this giveaway!

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