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My Rebel Year

My Rebel Year

Need to be braver? 

If you want to make changes in your life you have to know where to begin. 

If you’re wondering WTF happened and are unclear where everything just went a bit haywire, you’re not alone. 

We all have the moments of thinking we had it all figured out and made plans and promises to ourselves. 

What you may have not taken into account are the doubts and fears that come up when you decide to stand firm in your boundaries and started taking small steps towards the life you want to have. 

The kind of life that is filled with purpose, passion, and your own personal truth.

That is exactly why I created My Rebel Year!

Where you will find the support you need to be the change-maker in your own life and have me in your corner cheering you on and lovingly nudge you to look at the stories that come up and rewrite them. 

But what does all that really mean? 

  • Pdf to download with articles, coloring pages + journal prompts
  • Videos + Meditations
  • Private Community
  • Journal Exploration Workshop
  • Shadow + Breaking Through the Light Journals

My Rebel Year is an annual membership with 4 payments of $57 a year or $199 a year. 

Pay in Full Bonus: You will receive 3 30-minute coaching calls you can use during the time of your membership.  

Prices will go up May 31, 2021

11 Modules

Radical Shifts

How to Shift Your Limiting Beliefs and Tap into Your Divine Purpose

My Rebel Goal Workbook

Follow your dreams + focus on your goals and fuel them with heart, intuition, and soul

You Rise Above

12 Lessons and workbooks to help you rise above whatever is holding you back. 

Love Yourself

Monthly Lessons to embrace who you are and start to love yourself. 

Journal Eclipse

Nothing will ever be the same when you become aware of the shadow and break into the light. 


Meditations to help you center and ground yourself and tap into your own inner peace.

Make Over your Morning

How you start your day can make all the difference in your world. 


Worksheets and Workbooks to better your relationships and free yourself from toxicity!

Habit Health Mindfulness

Worksheets + Workbooks to help take care of yourself and develop habits that support you.

2018 Rebel Shine Summit

24 amazing speakers share their secrets on how to embrace your inner rebel and rise above!

2021 Rebel Shine Summit

14 incredible speakers share with you how you can start loving yourself - even through chaos. 

Modules for this product 11
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