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The Rebel Experience

Not everyone wants to work 1:1 via zoom calls or spend time in a group program with other people. Some of us work and do better on our own when we're ready to do so but still want the support and accountability to make progress towards our goals. During this last year, I facilitated asynchronous workshops online and I discovered that I love (and I mean love) supporting my clients in this way and it's perfect for when

You are on a budget and want to explore coaching at a more affordable price.

You have a busy schedule and need the freedom to communicate in a flexible environment.

Your hands are full juggling all the things and only have some small windows of time to learn something new  

You enjoy communicating often during the week to help work through a problem or support you for deeper accountability.

You are a thinker and you like to express yourself better through writing instead of verbally 

So what does that mean?

While I do have a few offers that use Volley App for coaching, most of my offerings allow you to learn on your own schedule, within a certain timeframe. This means that you can access content, and resources and get my support the moment you join a program 24/7. 

No more waiting on coaching calls (1:1 or group) because you can either ask questions + comment (publicly) or you can ask questions privately that only I will see and I will reply to you privately via email with my thoughts, feedback, and encouraging words! 

I know sometimes leaving a public comment feels odd and uncomfortable but odds are that someone else has that question and so you are helping them but if in case you really just want to ask me privately I totally get it. This means your question will be 100% confidential. I want you to know this is a safe space where you can express yourself freely, without judgment. I may use your question to answer it publicly as I believe it could help someone else but won't reveal who that question is from. 

I will respond within a 24-36 hour timeframe unless it's the weekend or a holiday or I’m researching or working on something for you.  I log into my computer and business spaces every day, and will be responding to any questions and comments!  So no more waiting until that next coaching call!

Know that no topic is off-limits to explore and discuss and we'll dive into goal setting, doubt + limiting beliefs, boundaries, and mindset, and overcome overwhelm and procrastination so you can be an action taker and more. 

I will also be rewarding those who are doing the work consistently, are making progress on their goals, and show up to do the work. Rewards may be coffee (or tea) on me, Amazon Gift Cards, 1:1 Volley App Sessions, access to other paid content, and whatever else I can think of!  

When you do the work, you deserve to reap benefits along the way.

Here are ways to get my 1:1 support! 

Buy Me Coffee - Ditch the zoom calls! All you need to do is buy me a coffee and get your questions answered! 

Goal Coaching via Volley sessions with me because you've already waited long enough to know that "one day" and "someday" aren't actually going to happen. It's time to set goals that light you up and tackle the thoughts and excuses trying to get in the way.

VIP DAY with Petra - Go from stuck + move ahead. Get clear on the roadblocks standing in the way of you moving forward.

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