Coffee with a Rebel Podcast Episode 17: How TRD was created and it's purpose

Episode 17: How TRD was created and it's purpose


Coffee with a Rebel Podcast 

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Show Notes 

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • When the idea of The Rebels Den happened and how
  • Why I stopped reading self-help books   
  • The purpose and mission for The Rebels Den 


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Full Episode Transcript

I want to share today about how the Rebels Den came to be and I may have hinted at that in the introductory episode but I am getting ready to celebrate the idea of the Rebels Den. So four years ago, I attended our first music festival, it was a relatively small venue, camping included. It was a three-day event and was all about rock and heavy music, music, and punk music, which were my favorite genres during that year. This was 2018.

I also stopped reading all of the self-help books out there. Like I had done probably read 10 to 15 at this point, always searching, always seeking, always like where's the answer? And I had reached that point of nobody was telling me anything different. They were all starting to sound the same. And it was like, okay, I am sick and tired of reading the same-ish repeatedly. They're just different words. Right? And so I stopped reading it instead. I started reading paranormal shift or romance books and yes, they're kind of smutty and that's my guilty pleasure. And I don't care what people think, which is really different from the genre I used to read, which is really more mystery crime, a thriller related, but any whom there is this one series by my favorite author, which is T.S. Joyce.

You should check her out if you're interested. And I started reading her books. And so one of the things, and I'm actually listening to that series now as an audiobook, which is really, really fun. I, um, this is so it's like in a trailer park setting, right? And it's really sort of like communal like there's a community happening as those shifters finding their maid and that kind of a thing. Like it's all about sticking together being a community supporting each other and living your best life and feeling worthy and deserving of all the goodness that life has to offer. And in that thought I was like a den, right? So that particular series actually has to do with bears. And we know that barriers do have a den. And so the den really represents that communal space, right? Where we get to just be who we are.

We get to explore different facets of who we are and learn to accept ourselves. So it's like a safe space. That's really what I wanted to create a safe space for people to explore, and be who they are, my ability to hold space for them to be in that moment with them, whatever that might look like. And because I tend to be rather nonconformist, I don't jump on bandwagons when it comes to any kind of books, movies, or TV shows, I just don't, it's like literally I will walk the other way. And I will tell you that I've never read any wizard books or any kinda ring books if you know what I mean, but I always tend to go the other way. And so the arrival really represents pouring your own path, any which way you want to create that there is no right or wrong way to create the life you want.

My only purpose here is to give you the space where you can explore these different opportunities, avenues, and paths and try them on. I always say that we try on things like a coat, right? Like we go to a store because we need a new coat. If you wear one or a shirt or whatever, and we try it on to see if it fits if it feels good, or anything like that. And we wear it for a little while because it does, it feels absolutely amazing on us. We look absolutely fabulous and it's just cozy and comfortable, right? Like it's just that good feeling when we try on this particular coat. And after a while that coat no longer looks good, it no longer feels good. And that could be, I mean, years from now, but that's when we take that coat off and we discover a new layer or a new facet about ourselves and in the Rebels Den, I really want to bring out the space where we can do all of these things.

We try things on, and let them go. If they don't fit, we maybe start reading that next book and realize, oh, this is not really a good book I can't get. And so we put it away. Like we are not forced to finish reading that book. And so this is the thought I had when I thought about the rebel's stand. When I created it. I'm like, and I struggled for quite some time probably. Okay. Quite some time being three months because I was branding myself under my own name as this coach and my spiritual guide advisor at the time was like, well, what if, what if you just allowed to unfold that and play with that and see what happens. And by January 2019, I had launched the Rebels Den and rebranded myself as the coaching consulting for that space. And Petro man just became my artist page.

That is where I share my art. And so that's really how the rebels then got to where it is today. And I still, I'm still very passionate about it to have this space where we can explore and do these different things where I can help my clients, you know, face all of these different things that they may encounter. I'm not a light worker. I'm not anybody that I'm not overly. Woo. I'm definitely more of like, okay, but what if, and when are you going to, and shouldn't you let that go? And what is your excuse? Like, I wanna challenge the reasons why we're not doing what we wanna do. I want to help you feel comfortable in your own skin, and be who you are, no matter what anybody else says because in my own experience in this lifetime, I've had people tell me my judgment.

Can't be trusted when my intuition has always guided me in some kind of way. And I remember it very clearly because I had to fall out with a friend and somebody says, well, your judgment just can't be trusted and you should just listen to me. And I just thought like, what the hell, man, that ain't right. Fast forward a few years, my son who happened to have an undiagnosed genetic disorder guided me to trust my intuition. They validated this whole journey with him that I can trust my judgment, that I can trust my intuition. And I really wanna help people let go of these outside voices that keep them playing small and the internal voices that keep them playing safe. And I want you to help. I want to help you do it. However, you want. I have certain strategies and systems that work for me.

Those strategies and systems may not work for somebody else, but I can explore that with you. I can bounce ideas off. I can give some suggestions that you can like, or maybe that will work, or maybe that won't work. I'm not here to tell you how to do these things. I am simply just here to be a sounding board, a safe space where we can explore all of these different things. And then you get to decide what path it is you are working on for that moment and time because I already know you're probably not gonna stay there. I haven't stayed on a singular path.

I'm not just a coach and a consultant for den. I am also a blogger at the Journal Eclipse, and I'm also an artist at So those are different paths and each path has a different purpose. You don't have to do just one thing or the other, if you can figure out how to make that work for you, cuz I'm so sick and tired of people being like, oh, you gotta focus on one thing. The hell with that, for me, is boring. This is who I am. I have multiple interests, and multiple passions, and I wanna pursue several of them and I'll be darn if somebody tells me that I can't do that. And I just want you to have that same experience because I feel like that makes life fun. Thanks for listening and me rambling on about the Rebels Den and how it came to be.


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