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Buy me a Coffee

Buy me a Coffee

You’re no longer required to schedule your sessions and days with me! You can now buy me a coffee or more and connect with me on voxer! 

I will respond within a few hours on the same day! These are just suggestions to give you an idea of things! This is my way of offering "Pay what you can" so you can still get the help and support you want and need. No more wondering HOW to do something!

You can ask me about mindset, life, business, goal setting, and action plans! 

Buy me a Coffee for $5 - Ask me 1-3 questions 

Buy Me A Coffee & A Bite To Eat $10 - Ask me 3-5 questions 

Feeling Generous? $50 - I answer a few questions and share strategy with you!

You can also just buy nem coffee if I've helped you in any way to get closer to your goal, think and feel differently about life + business, or you've just found my content ridiculously helpful in any way, then feel free to treat me to a coffee!

I am utterly grateful to have you in my world and space and so much of what I do is given freely to benefit you with your dreams and goals! 

Buy Petra a Coffee

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